Wednesday, May 16, 2007


yesterday's post was a little (okay, a lot) crotchety, and i'd like to revise my original rant, after i've had a day (and some extra sleep and unwinding time) to think about it.

i should state that high school peeps and the boy's ex are all very nice people, and i'm overstating things completely by saying that i "can't stand" them. i can stand them, in the co-worker/acquaintance kind of way (i can stand a lot of people this way).

the issue for me, is being reminded of high school. not that i had a miserable time in high school, i totally didn't. i just feel like such a better version of myself, now, 10 years later. i'm much more confident in myself, i'm a thousand percent more okay being myself, and i just sit in my own skin better. i think i was the same(ish) personality in high school, but i was a lot more unsure and reticent about revealing who and what i was about back then. it's like comparing the "information superhighway" with the "web 2.0" of today. i'm sure the internet of today wouldn't like to be faced with the internet of yore, or be reminded that that clunky version (although the spirit and intent that formed the core of the information superhighway remains today) was what everyone saw and used. so basically, i'm karl lagerfeld 2.0 now. and this version is MUCH better, and i wish people could get karl lagerfeld superhighway out of their heads.

yesterday we had a "tea and talk" at work...basically we drink tea and eat snacks (this awesome peanut butter/rice krispie/chocolate confection) and hear a mini-talk presented by a coworker, and employees in all the library divisions show up. there was all this talk about "second life" and the next talk is going to focus exclusively on "second life". i kinda don't get what all the buzz is about. it's no different from SIM city or MUDs or MOOs (sp?) as far as i can tell. i don't really have any desire to hang out in a virtual world and go to a virtual library and do virtual shopping. it's not really my thing and i don't really see the attraction.

tonight we're going to see the boy's mum sing in her choir. for dinner we're having vietnamese grilled pork eaten in lettuce cups with a rice noodle salad with cucumber, radish, carrots and green onions, all doused in home-made nuoc cham and sambal.



dr. rei (not a goth, never was a goth, never will be goth, never will sympathize with goths) said...

i think the girl who asked all those annoying questions deserved to be ragged on! who does that?!
maybe it's because i can totally relate to how you feel about high school (refer to rant about being a male monster).

one time i saw a chick i went to high school with and she didn't even recognize me. and once she did, she was like "oh yeah! weren't you a goth in high school?"

i was like: Ummmm. NO I WAS NOT. but thank you very much for remembering me as one. NOT!

Chris said...

for what its worth, i thought you pretty cool in high school.


i too was also not a goth, yet got called one (or freak) from time to time. highschool is full on dummies, and they dont get much smarter as time goes on.

schmee said...

yes, boo high school. i don't think your rant was particularly harsh or off base. i think it was spot on.

so is irony lost on second life "players" or what? it's called "second life" yet most of them haven't gotten a first life.