Friday, May 25, 2007


so we dropped our digital camera in a bowl of water. to be perfectly truthful about the matter, the flailing, clumsy, dervish of a cohort (aka the boy) knocked if off of where it was sitting, where it hit the floor, and then bounced into the cat's water dish. we had given it up for dead and were already researching new digital cameras. the thing is: i really like our digital camera...sure it doesn't have the greatest megapixels, but it's really easy to use, and i like how it's still kinda chunky (i don't like super teeny tiny electronic devices...i just don't trust 'em) and the screen is huge. plus the shutter lag isn't that bad for what it is. anyway, if we were going to buy a new one, i think we were going to go for another kodak product. the uplifting, human-interest ending to this particular tale is: we let it dry out and now it works!!! so the moral is: unless you drop your camera in a bowl of syrup and let it SIT there for five minutes, if you let your camera just dry it will come back to life. sweet! i feel like i'm $300 richer!

last night was the premiere of "so you think you can dance". i love this show. the roomie and i are going to take these drop-in hip hop/jazz dance classes together. i'm a little intimidated as i've never done a class before and i'm afraid the teacher is going to yell at me the way mikey minden yelled at the aspiring pussycat dolls on that reality show. it was harsh. but i want to learn some new dance moves and i think it'll be fun to learn choreography, especially if the tunes are hype.

the return of the camera means the beginning of a new project, to be documented on this blog, where i'm going to take a picture of every dinner i prepare and eat at home. i think it'll be an interesting experiment and will hopefully give whatever stalwart readers i have left (thank you for being a friend) some inspiration on what to eat for dinner, or how easy and quick it is to have a wide, varied and healthy diet.

tonight we're having moroccan-style potato, hard-boiled egg, pepper and onion sandwiches. i basically thinly slice potato, peppers and onions and saute them with a bit of garlic with some ground cumin and harissa. then i stuff that in a kaiser with some hard boiled egg that i've cut into quarters. it's fast and delicious. we're having this with a salad. i also made the base of a mint-chocolate chip ice cream, so if that's set up in time, we'll have a scoop of that for dessert. i infused a tonne of mint in some milk and cream, added some sugar and egg yolks, and i'm going to be chopping up chunks of sharffen-berger semi-sweet chocolate and mixing that in at the last second.


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