Monday, May 14, 2007


i forgot to mention that while we were at the indian (potentially pakistani) sweets shop, we discovered some very low-grade dvds for sale with titles that read: "is jesus (pbuh) really the son of god?" and "is a vegetarian lifestyle really acceptable for muslims: a debate." we don't really get the (pbuh) thing, but it's my designated term for the j.c. now. we also suspect that we're probably funding something nefarious, every time a luscious little pistachio hot dog crosses our lips.

so......WE WON OUR DODGEBALL GAME LAST NIGHT! 10-8!!! and this was despite the fact that once again, the opposing team are cheaters. we allow everyone to call their own outs, but there was this one dude (aka red shorts guy) who was just being all weaselly and insisting that he wasn't out when he was, and kept trying to come back on the court when it wasn't his turn. despite it all, we WON! i was so proud of us. we played smart, and we're all getting so much better, and we're starting to play to our strengths. and wings at duff's were AMAZING! so far, best wings we've had in the city. and they have this sick deal where you get 20 wings, 1 large fries, and a large pitcher of beer for $20, or, 20 wings, 1 large fries, and a large pitcher of pop for $21. sick!!! and the fries are slim and crispy just the way i like 'em. they also have the option of a dill dip, which when combined with the fries (as my buddy aaron ingeniously hepped me to) is dee-lightful.

in other news: m-r-i's (mercy, rei and ian's) top forty night is starting to come together and it's going to be siiiiiiiick. i think we're just going to throw a before school, end of summer party for kicks and make it top forty. we're going to do top forty that spans the ages though. but not the OBVIOUS choices...just everything we want to hear and dance to. it's going to be ridiculous. and so low pressure, cuz we're just inviting all our friends and we're not investing any coin at all into it. we've started the planning and strategizing already, and we're going to be making lists like whoa. the roomie came up with the idea of calling the night "anthems" which i'm kinda digging. either way, the night is going to be featuring the sick'n'slick programming of the mysterious, DJ FRAAAAANCHE. i'm getting amped for it already! the roomie went to a club on saturday that she said played a wicked selection (and by that i mean, akon and rick ross and reggae and old skool hip hop and dancehall), except it was at yonge and sheppard and there was a dress code (read: stilettos, booty shorts, and bikini tops and sunglasses) in effect, and she almost didn't get in. the cover was also FIFTEEN DOLLARS. wack!

instead of going to yoga yesterday, i spent the afternoon on the couch reading, and then went to 7/11 and spent like, 10 dollars on the following: 2 mini bags of chips, a package of twinkies (they come 3 to a package now?!?) and an oreo ice cream sandwich, which i scarfed pre-dodgeball in about oh, 3 minutes. i love how those are my two options: either i go to yoga, or i eat two days' trans-fat allowance in 3 minutes.

today is a loooong day of two-job mayhem, but i think we're going to see our friend bobes play in this band called elvis bossa nova (they do latin-style covers of elvis numbers) at this place called the dakota tavern at dundas and ossington tonight. for dinner i packed that nicoise sandwich i make: ace calabrese bun, blanched beans, roasted red peppers, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and olive tapenade, wrapped tight in cling wrap so it mushes together. with a lot of fruit.


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