Saturday, May 26, 2007

one of my favorite

smells in the whole world is the smell of lilacs. if i were participating in one of those "if you could only have ___ for the rest of your life, what would it be?" parlour games, i would definitely fill in the blank of "smell" with lilacs. they're so ephemeral and delicate and to me, they whisper of spring and the undiscovered potential of the summer to come, with long dusks stretching into night, days spent lolling in the sun like a cat, and the muggy torpor of late august set to the dissonant, atonal soundtrack of ancient ice cream trucks wending their way through the neighbourhood. heaven!

now if only i could weasel my way out of working so f**king much so i could actually ENJOY my summer. the public library is being a little b***h about my hours and i'm starting to get pissed. it's muy annoying. i'm going to talk to them about it today. if they think they can push karl lagerfeld, esquire around...they've got another think coming!

this is that moroccan egg, potato, onion and pepper sammy. it looks pretty luscious, eh? it was ginormous. i can't tell if my camera is the same as it was before or not...but it's usable...i probably have to clean off the screen and lens a bit. and allow me to reiterate again: i LOVE hard boiled eggs! my mint-chocolate chip ice cream was aces...although a little icy/watery because i used half milk and not all whipping cream. the mint flavour was nice and delicate and chunks of sharffen berger semi sweet would hide a multitude of sins.

tonight is a dinner i'm anticipating like crazy. we're having grilled rib-eye steaks, hasselback potatoes (you'll see...refers to a way of preparing them where you slice them, but not all the way they look like accordions) roasted in foil and then topped with a sour cream, bacon, scallion mix, with grilled asparagus, green bean salad, and grilled b.c. spot prawns. it's a celebration of the season! i LOVE b.c. spot prawns. they taste so sweet and they're one of the few shrimp that are sustainably raised and ethically caught...they pass the monterey bay seafood watch guide, which is available here and tells you what seafood is good to buy and what isn't. for dessert i'm making strawberry shortcakes. i LOVE strawberry shortcake! i hate it when it's made with sponge cake or like angel food cake. but i adore biscuits and scones and quick breads of that nature and to me, there's nothing better than a warm, craggy, slightly sweet biscuit, split open with a pile of strawberries and whipped cream inside. as i like to say, i'm going to eat the S**T out of this meal.


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