Sunday, May 13, 2007

mum's of the world, this day is for YOU!

we're taking the boy's mum out for a mother's day brunch at globe bistro on the danforth...i've been wanting to go there for months so i'm super-stoked. they do a lovely small plates (tapas-style) menu and they've been getting really good reviews, so i'll have to go back there for dinner. brunch is a good way to suss things out; a low-commitment testing ground to see if places merit a return visit.

i think we're going to take my mummy out to dinner at torito (spanish tapas place in kensington) sometime soon as her prezzie. it's also a make-up date for her birthday that we missed when things were going bucwild with school.

last night was fun! i didn't end up going anywhere. we feasted on jean's (i'm always really nervous bringing people to restaurants as i feel really responsible for my recommendations) and then stopped at this place for indian desserts. we got a few of those pistachio hotdogs, something we're calling "hindi shortbread" which was flaky and crunchy and covered with almonds, and this thing we're calling "heavy brick", which was like a cross between gingerbread, sticky toffee pudding, and a cereal bar, was darkly caramel coloured and very dense (hence the moniker bestowed upon it), and was redolent of cinnamon and a melange of other spices, with a faintly sour tang as an aftertaste. me and my male doppelganger liked it, the roomie spat it out, and the boy and doppelganger's ladybird were neutral, bordering on distaste. i really wanted to go to drop the lime, but it seemed far, and it turned out i was pretty tired, as i passed out at midnight.

i'm a little bummed about not being able to go to either amy winehouse show, but that's okay...i've been listening to the album instead. it turns out that the dap-kings make up her touring band, which is good for her, but bad for me hoping that sharon jones and the dap kings might make it through toronto this summer. i LOVE the dap-kings!!!

today after brunch i'm going to do a little gardening, prep my lunch for work tomorrow, then go to a yoga class with that yoga teacher i lurve. then dodgeball, and we're having a post-game dinner at duff's wings on college. last week's wings were VERY unsatisfactory. they were over-fried, dried and stringy. we did a walk-by of duff's on our way to the david lynch movie the other night, so i did some recon. they were fat, juicy, and doused with what appeared to be an appropriate amount of sauce (i like them slick, but not sopping, the sauce should become part of the wing, not sit on top of it like at last sunday's place). what a fun day!


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