Thursday, May 31, 2007

mmm mmm good

last night's dinner. deviated slightly from the posted menu again (i've been doing a lot of improv lately), by switching to poached eggs and adding some rosemary to the creamed favas mixture. i discovered the secret to coaxing deliciousness out of favas is to shell them twice; once out of the pods, then you blanch them, and then you shell them again. definitely labour intensive, but since they're only in season for about a month, and i eat them twice a year, it's worth it! last night's dinnie was fabulous. the strawberry-rhubarb pudding cake was homey and not too sweet.
i'll definitely make it follows the classic pudding cake formula: wet fruit/syrup mixture on the bottom, topped with a slightly thick, dry cake batter. as the cake bakes, the cake absorbs some of the moisture from the fruit mixture and forms two distinct layers.

tonight after work i'm heading up to markham to watch my niece and nephew who are in town while my sis and outlaw bro are at some kind of law enforcement conference (if that doesn't sound fun, i don't know what does). so i'm going to try to coax my niece into eating fruits and veggies. i made my award-winning potato salad (there's lots of minced veggies in there), that bean and grape tomato salad with mustard-dill vinaigrette (not a shot in hells that she's going to eat it), and some knackwurst and a steak for grilling. as well as an organic apple and some strawberries for her dessert.


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