Saturday, May 19, 2007

le long weekend de la crunke begins!

booooooooooya! i'm working four hours at the library today, and then i'm OFF! but we're hosting a bbq tomorrow so that actually means i've got a fair bit of prep to do.

then tonight we're going dancing at supermarket with dr. rei! so much fun! i'm so excited and i can't wait to get sweaty and tired!

short post today as i'm running a tad bit late.

tonight for dinner we're having fried calamari sandwiches...fresh calamari, dusted with cajun seasoned flour, then dipped in egg white, then in panko, deep fried, dusted with salt, and piled on a soft kaiser with lime mayo, lettuce, and tomato. and probably a baby spinach salad to go along with it. for dessert, those chocolate-covered peanut butter rice krispie bars. they're like a cross between a reese's peanut butter cup and a nestle crunch. BUT BETTER.


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