Wednesday, May 02, 2007

lay back

as usual, my post-massage plans turned out to be WAY more ambitious than my state of mind warranted. shopping with the roomie is painstaking, as she fails to understand that not every item of clothing can be the professional equivalent of pajamas. so what started off as a 2 hour jaunt turned into a 6 hour extravaganza, which effectively mitigated the supple de-kinking of my body post-massage.

i ADORE my massage therapist. she's so awesome. i kinda wish we didn't have a professional relationship now so we could just be friends. if i could get a massage twice a month, i think my sense of well-being would be exponentially increased. so after schlepping back and forth across town yesterday, i arrived home feeling pretty tired and pooped. one piping-hot epsom salt bath later and with the lactic acid effectively drained from my dodgeball-induced aching muscles, i felt soooo relaxed i couldn't keep my eyes open. i generally hate having a bath as i abhor wallowing in my own filth, but after a massage! i felt like i was high! i couldn't really focus; i was all heady, and languid and loose.

to add to my joy last night, veronica mars came back on. BUT WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. at this point, it's like watching a train wreck. nothing makes sense, it's very formulaic, and it's devolving into just another teen show.

*spoiler alert - beware little ze's mama if you haven't watched the episode yet*

last night's episode was so heavy handed, the hand weighed about 100000 tonnes. it was this whole thing about arabs and jews and americans and racism that was really trite. logan echolls character is completely inconsistent. they finally made veronica and piz hook up (boooooooooooring). in fact, the only couple that made any sense was mac and max hooking up.
it's disappointing, and yet you cannot look away.

because i was so lazykins and pooped by the time i got home last night, fake-ation got extended one more day and we ordered from jean's vegetarian thai for dinner last night. that place is genetically designed to engender gross over-eating in me. healthy-train really starts in earnest today with that roasted garlic and mushroom pasta with asiago, and a nice, loaded with veggies olive garden salad.


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