Monday, May 21, 2007

lateisha got egged!

wow. last night couldn't have been more a successful night if we had genetically engineered the best bbq ever. i was a little apprehensive because we had a big mix of people: dr. rei, her roomie, my two brothers, two people from high school, my friend from library school and her boy, then the boy's two friends, and the roomie's midwifery friend (aka new bffffff) dropped in at the last minute. but everyone was awesome! it was the least awkward time ever, people were laughing and talking and arguing and having a great time. i was so happy! i feel like i'm on the right track when you can gather people together who don't know each other and it still goes off's like there's a consistency and commonality of copacetic goodness. i was so proud of my brothers, who weren't awkward at all and were totally mingling and having fun. i really love my brothers now, as individuals...which is awesome. it's like the older i get, the more and more i like them and want to hang out with them as people, instead of people you have to be with because you're related to them.

anyway, i'm feeling all mushy about how much i love my friends - old ones and new ones. so sure my facebook numbers may be fairly pathetic, but the friends that i do have, are totally awesome and i'm glad they're around. it's a crowd of very strong personalities though...holy's a tough crowd with everyone having really strong opinions and characters and it was a boombastic, loud, yell-y, shout-y, debate-y time.

the highlight of the evening was the dirty south crunk tune that dr. rei, the boy, and i came up with. based on dr. rei's brother story about this girl named lateisha, who got egged. the boy was SO INSPIRED by the words "lateisha got egged" that he came home after brunch yesterday, and pulled together this fairly sick dirty south track, and we laid down one verse and the chorus. we almost died laughing. it was soo funny we were on the brink of tears and then we unveiled the tune last night for everyone at the bbq. there's no stopping the comedy stylings of the dynamic of m-r-i (me, dr. rei and the boy). hi-larious!

today we're going to clean up a little bit and then spend the rest of the day having a hungover on the couch watching movies and eating pizza day. we haven't had one of those in a looong time so i'm totally excited and really looking forward to it.


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dr. rei said...

WEEE! this weekend was the best times of all. except for lateisha!!! SOUUUUR!!! i love you guys.