Tuesday, May 01, 2007

just listen

on a whim, i picked up this young adult (aka teen fiction) novel "just listen" from my library. i've already expressed my undying love for young adult novels on this blog before, this book just made me love the genre more. it was well-written, not patronizing to the audience, featured characters that had nuance and depth, and had a kick-ass love interest and schmaltzy teen romance to boot. i couldn't put it down! and i kept re-reading segments and getting all teenager-giddy whenever the boy in the story would do anything remotely cute. it wasn't complete formulaic fluff, like a "sweet valley high" or something...it was just a great story, well told.

i put all the author's books on hold and i'm systematically plowing my way through them. it's going to be my summer reading...hopefully i can take a young adult course next year. at any rate, i've consequently decided to try my hand at writing a young adult novel. it can't be that hard. i used to write a lot in high school and undergrad (and by "write" i mean pen thinly veiled, angsty, stream of consciousness diatribes about how my parents didn't understand me and how it was so hard to be in love) and i think it will be a good exercise and summer project (as if i need another one, but whatevs). i remember looking up to my writer's craft teacher in oac so much! he was soooo cool, so bohemian, soooo inspiring! and i saw him recently and while he looked the same, i saw him through new eyes, as a schlubby, burnt-out, reeking of coffee and cigarettes dude going through the motions, every year the same schtick.

today i'm treating myself to a massage...it helps that my school covers registered massage therapy. and then i'm meeting the roomie to get her some more wardrobe staples and work attire (i'm helping her transition from student into professional, which also entails being her personal stylist - YES!!!!!), after which i'm going to go home to an epsom salt bath, and then i'm going to putter around the house and enjoy my day (puttering = ultimo happiness). it's my niece's birthday today...my little may day socialist terror turns 3!!!

for dinner tonight i'm making a roasted garlic, mushroom, thyme, and asiago penne pasta dish with toasted breadcrumbs and a caesar salad.



Jennifer said...

omg, mercedes, i'm pretty sure you just made my day! one of my all-time favourite books is a young adult gem called "the perks of being a wallflower" by stephen chbosky.
you. will. die.
it is just so dang good.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i'm putting it on hold as we speak!


you HAVE to read "just listen" and then talk to me about it so we can squeal like teenagers at the mall.

steph said...

Oh man Karl, Jen is so right, "perks" is a phenomenal book. Another one that I remember well is "Are you there God, it's me Margaret" by Judy Blume. I know it seems cheesy (especially the title), but it is good for this genre.