Wednesday, May 09, 2007

inland empire

is not so good. it's engrossing to watch, while you're watching it, in the sense that lynch is masterful at interweaving sound and images and creating little vignettes that you can't tear your eyes away from. however! it was entirely too long and needed editing. the last 1/3 of the film was a repetition of tropes (shots of long hallways as the soundtrack's droning hiss reached an unbearably tense crescendo, shots of women's faces pulled into silent shrieks or rigid pantomimes of fear, ominous rooms and alleys, men looming over women with malevolence) that he had already played out in the first 2/3. i kept thinking it was going to end, and then lynch would pull out another sequence of the same repeating images, and by that point, i had become inured by their effect and found them tedious. i also think he has some serious problems with women, even if he uses them symbolically. there wasn't a woman there that wasn't a whore, violent, bruised, beaten, scared, or shot in unforgiving close-up with her eyes brimming with tears. it just became too much, as well as the depiction of minorities. it seemed really self indulgent, although i will say that laura dern's performance was harrowing and rich and full. her face, eyes, and especially mouth were expressive, and a lot of what made the film watchable was her acting.

to lighten things up, here's a picture of my niece on her third birthday. she looks like ramona! that haircut is so awesome! my sister sent me the slideshow and it was really a series of her yamming a bunch of different cakes AND an ice cream sammich down her throat. you couldn't pay me enough to be a daycare worker at her school after 8 toddlers started crashing from that sugar rush. here is a picture of my nephew as well, looking like the fat chinaman he is. so cute!

last night my vote for fish sandwiches got vetoed in favour of a veal sammich at california's. then we stopped for gelato on college pre-movie. i had a hazlenut and an almond torrone one that were delicious. i wish someone would open a gelato place on the danforth, then the danforth would be complete. someone DID open a place a couple of years ago...but they opened it in the WINTER. worst call ever! in other news: my oven is broken and i won't be getting a new one until the may long weekend. !!!!!!! it's like a top chef challenge. i was kinda stressing about it.

tonight for dinner we're having a chickpea, chorizo, and spinach pasta with caesar salad.



Hannah said...

Lagerfeld, I agree completely. The movie was way too long but I do like Laura Dern. She can sure look haggard not to mention creepy!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

we are in complete agreement because we are part of the same sisterhood of chinese(ish) people.

Chris said...

they open that gelato place in FEBRUARY!!!! WTF??????

those pics super cute! haha ramona.