Monday, May 07, 2007

an ignominious defeat

so we lost 23 to 0 last night. ouch. one player got hurt early on and was basically sidelined, and well, the other team were organized and just plain good. i didn't really break a sweat last night, cuz we had enough people for i never felt like i got momentum going. i was also starting to let the sibling heckling from my bro start to get to me, so it impeded my ability to have fun. it makes sense, that a) because he knows me best, he feels comfortable riding me more than any other player, and b) because i tend to put myself out there, i can become a target, and c) because most of the time i'm pretty effin' tough so it seems like comments like that would just roll off my back. however! two games in a row, where the most common name being heard on the court is "karl!" often in a disparaging tone, gets a little frustrating and can crack even the hardest of nuts like me. so it was a little rough and my feelings were hurt after a while.

then we went on an ill-fated mission to get wings from a firkin pub. the place was full of bad mojo though. about five minutes after we got in, a team-member got some sad news on the phone. as soon as we sat down and placed our orders, we noticed a strange smoke smell like something was on fire, and after a while, you could SEE the smoke filtering in the room. then some crazy guy from outside on the street would periodically come in and make a ruckus about the smoke and potential fire. it went on like this for about 1/2 an hour without any reassurance from the staff of the establishment. after that, we were told to sit on the patio, as about 5 billion fire trucks came screaming up in front of the place. it was too cold to sit outside, and well, there was OBVIOUSLY some kind of semi-serious issue going on that wasn't going to be resolved quickly.

to top it all off, somebody crapped their pants at the library yesterday (although i was kept safely away from the fracas as it happened on a different floor). worst. day. ever.

today is my first day of work...i'm not nervous per se...just don't know what to expect. i'm packing my dinner as i follow it up with a shift at the library. i'm having a baby spinach, avocado, cherry tomato and red onion salad with lemon vinaigrette and a provolone, proscuitto, roasted red pepper and la bomba sandwich on ace bakery francese bun, which i'm going to toast so the cheese gets all melty.


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