Saturday, May 12, 2007

i wanna dance with somebody

i wanna feel the heat with somebody. last night was a semi-bust, semi-mini-success story. the boy's gig was a total CF and he ended up being done by like, 9:30pm so we didn't even make it. he was really pissed about it, and just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong. one of his close friends from high school (who is dating someone else we went to high school with) is in town for the summer, so we hung out with him and some other high school peeps at sneaky dee's. trying to coordinate my boy, the temporarily-displaced-from-montreal couple and their crew, and me and the roomie was a nightmare. but the hanging out was really fun and sociable and chatty. me and the roomie had gotten ourselves dolled up for dancing (ie. i was wearing eye-liner and lipgloss) so we moseyed on over to the octopus to see what was going down there.

it was HELL. first of all, everyone in there was HELLA old. like, all late 30s early 40s. and dressed like it. i'll admit it, i'm kinda ageist. but it's more of a mental ageism. like, at the sharon jones show and various other concerts, i've danced side by side with people of all stripes and persuasions and it's been beyond fine. however! this wasn't that kind of old. it was like, angela-bower-on-the-prowl kind of old. mom-dancing-in-her-stocking-feet-at-the-wedding kind of old. old trying to be young and hip and failing miserably kind of old. people ridiculously dressed up (dress shirts unbuttoned way too far down on the guys, etc.) kind of old. and while i DO love being the hot young thing in the club, i like it better when the age disparity isn't so grossly apparent and it's not a cougar hang. for example, the dj doing his bumbling job as always (he has NO SKILLZ) played lionel richie's "all night long". in a different setting, the crowd would have gone off because it was kind of fun and ironic and playful. in this case: the crowd went off because THEY LOVED IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND with all sincerity. yikes.

basically the best song i heard all night was when akon's "i wanna f**k you" came on at sneaky dee's of all places and i was dancing standing next to the table. in other news, i'm not condoning akon being a gross pig or anything (he ended up doing the grindy-grind with some girl at a concert who turned out to be 15) but if you saw that girl...THERE'S NO WAY I WOULD HAVE PEGGED HER AT 14/15. at 14 i was wearing extra large like, winnie-the-pooh t-shirts, had a mouthful of braces, and boy's jeans (the concept of flared jeans was still but a distant glimmer to me). i certainly wasn't wearing anything approaching what that girl was wearing. and the club was supposed to be 18+. which still makes akon gross because well, he's no pre-fatty d'angelo, and there's no way in hells i would ever let him touch me, but i think the general reaction is kinda over the top.

basically the point is: it's been too long since i've gotten my proper dance on. breakage was good, and so was amon tobin, but those were spaced months apart. i want to stay out til 5 dancing and wake up the next morning with that sore spot in my back that i get when i go buck for a solid night. this hasn't happened. the more disappointing failed dancing missions we face, the more i really want to start our top forty night. between me, dr. rei, and the dotytron, we have the collective taste to make it a SMASH. maybe i'll turn my considerable promotion skills to that venture.

tonight we're meeting up some friends for dinnie at jean's. then my semi-new bfffff (roomie's midwifery pal) has the weekend off so i might do dancing with her, or maybe go see drop the lime, or maybe just stay home with the boy and watch documentaries. who knows where the night will take me?!?


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