Friday, May 18, 2007

i loathe pam

from the office. i know i'm the only person in the world who feels this way, and who's not pro the whole jim and pam hookup thing. but i can accept that. she's basically most things i dislike about people, and in female stereotypes. she's passive, passive aggressive, catty, not really funny in her own right but more as a reflection of jim, stuck it out with her loser boyfriend for WAY too long, went BACK to said loser boyfriend, etc. etc. because of my dislike for pam, my ability to appreciate last night's season finale of the office was seriously hampered by the whole pam and jim storyline. i don't know how the show can sustain itself around this premise. since people get tired when couples stay together, the only thing the writers can do is maintain the together/not together roller coaster a la tony micelli/angela bower thing. which gets too contrive and ultimately boring.

i also resent a show that focuses around settling. like, it's okay that pam stays in scranton her whole life? and that jim has all these opportunities but also ends up staying in scranton? it stretches my suspension of disbelief because there doesn't seem to be anything cool about scranton and while the dunder mifflin scranton branch is certainly full of characters, it's not enough to make someone want to stay there, or for me to root for someone to stay there, especially in light of the fact that they really focused on how much jim hated his job in the first season.

laaaame. today i get off work early!!! they do that before long weekends...the staff rotates who is going to stay until regular closing time and the rest get to leave early. this time i'm on leaving early shift! fun! then i'm going to the mall with the roomie to seek out some business casual skirts. i'm REALLY HOPING the roomie doesn't turn it into a two hour mission. *fingers crossed* tonight is pretty low-key...i'm just going to do some prep for the bbq we're hosting on sunday, and maybe start watching "heroes" - we d/led most of the new season.

tonight for dinner i'm making another soba noodle salad, with cucumber, radish and green online julienne, mixed with blanched broccoli and dressed with a spicy-garlic-lemon-soy dressing. we're having this alongside breaded, fried tofu with sweet chili dipping sauce.



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