Wednesday, May 30, 2007

fashion tips from karl lagerfeld

for spring 2007: mulch is the new black. yesterday was crazy productive and my garden looks s**t-hot as a result of it. check it out!!! who knew?!? although i do feel pretty bourgeois. i'm pretty much the only person my age i know, who actively maintains a garden...i'm riverdale yuppie scum.

i met the boy at the farmer's market and we picked up some rhubarb (which i can't seem to find in stores) and snacked on a giant flourless "death by chocolate" cookie and some elk pepperettes. we also had to abandon our secondary's old and is too small for the boy and it popped a tire on the way over to the store. i'm buying the boy a new bike for an early birthday present so soon we'll have two good ones, instead of one crappy one and one good one. hopefully it'll get the boy out riding more. the sucky thing about working 9-5 is that by the time i get to riverdale, it's been picked over, whereas before, me and my friend evan used to be there FIRST THING, waiting for them to ring the bell that signals the start of the market.

we then walked over to bill's and picked up my soft-shell crabs which are only in season for 1 more measly week. we walked up logan and did some grocery shopping, then came home and put together our dinner, with some changes from the posted menu of yesterday. the boy wanted something starchy instead of the slaw so we tried making french fries in the t-fal fryer for the first time. success! i cut up 2 russets fairly thin, then we twice fried them: once at a low temperature for a longer period, and then a final fry at high heat to crisp and brown them. i made a scallion aioli instead of lime (i LOVE scallion aioli!!!), and dredged the soft shell in flour mixed with my cajun spice mix and then pan-fried the pieces in butter and olive oil. i finally finished everything off with a blanched green bean and grape tomato salad mixed with a mustard-dill vinaigrette, which was sweet and tart and fragrant and cut through the flavours of the fried food nicely.

then we weeded and mulched the garden and the days are so long now, that when we were done all that, it was STILL a little light out! we were done everything by 9:30 and could sit down and relax with some "heroes". i watched episode 17 last night, "company man" and bawled my eyes out at the end. i'm such a suck!!! beneath this hardened exterior is the girl who will cry at anything (old people, "stomp the yard", and now, mr. bennett).

tonight for dinner i'm making creamed favas on focaccia with poached eggs and a drizzle of truffle oil, with that side bean and grape tomato salad. i saute some minced shallots and garlic, throw in some shelled and blanched favas and a touch of cream and some chopped parsley and then pile that on toasted focaccia and throw some poached eggs on top. we're basically eating spring food until we max out on it, or until i can't stand the smell of my asparagus pee anymore.
for dessert i'm going to turn that rhubarb into a simple, homey, and country-style, rhubarb pudding cake. just stewed rhubarb topped with a simple and light cake batter, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


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