Thursday, May 03, 2007


in the flurry of things to blog about of late, i've forgotten to mention something HUGE happening in my neighbourhood. one of the generic, sprawling, oregano-and-souvlaki infused restaurants in my hood has been papered over and shuttered for the past couple of months. on one of our nightly walks a few weeks back, i noticed a sign in the window that read: "soon to be home of kansas city barbecue" or something. THIS. IS. BIG. NEWS. this means that there will be a BBQ RESTAURANT IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD. FIVE MINUTES WALK FROM MY HOUSE. !!!!!!
while i'm a little nervous because it looks like a franchise, even sub-par bbq is better than no bbq in this bbq-barren excuse for a hick town, right? ribs! brisket! pulled pork!

today is a long day of cleaning the living room top to bottom, and organizing my bookshelves. and a yoga class. and more puttering.

last night we watched a movie called "friends with money". it was surprisingly good. the premise is about a group of four women, who seem to have been friends for a long, long time. 3 of them have money (1 of them has a LOT of money) and one of them (jennifer aniston's character) used to be a teacher, quit her job because she was unhappy, and has been working as a maid. the three with money also have kids and husbands. it's a movie about relationships, about seemingly not being a part of the same circle anymore, about the ties of friendship, about the anxiety and pressures of inter-relating money and friendship, and about the cracks in marriages and the different ways people relate. it was a short little thing too, checking in at about an hour. i thought that it accomplished what it needed to say in that amount of time in a lean, concise, but still emotionally engaging manner. i'd recommend it.

the mushroom pasta last night turned out fantastic, i had to refrain from going back for seconds after i was already full. i took an oven proof pan, and put about 20 peeled cloves of garlic in, and poured in enough oil to just cover them. then i wrapped the pan in foil and put it in a 350 oven for about 35-45 minutes, until you can smell the roasted garlic, and the cloves are soft, but not browning. i set aside the garlic cloves when they were just smushy, and poured the roasted garlic-infused oil into a pan. to this, over high heat, i sauteed a s**tload of sliced button mushrooms (way more than you think you're going to eat), and sauteed those with a sliced shallot. as they cooked down, i poured some boiling water over a packet of dried porcinis and let those soak for 10 minutes, then i chopped up the porcinis, and added them and the porcini water to the mushrooms cooking away. i lowered the heat, added a big handful of chopped thyme, and seasoned with salt and pepper. i grated about 2 handfuls of american asiago coarsely, and chopped a good handful of parsley. meanwhile, i was boiling the penne, when it was ready, i reserved about a cup of pasta-cooking water and set it aside, drained the pasta, and tossed it into mushroom pan, along with the cheese and parsley and tossed them all together til the cheese was melted and everything was coated. i didn't end up using the pasta-cooking water, but you have it just in case things are looking a little dry...the mushrooms give off so much water that it wasn't much of a problem. i seasoned with salt and LOTS of freshly ground pepper, and that was it. it's honestly a half hour operation from start to finish. and i made a salad as well.

since i live in a house with breakfast biters, i got suckered into making breakfast for everyone this morning. we're having toasted bagels with avocado, red onion, and melted dilled havarti cheese. i was thinking of maybe going to the dufferin grove farmer's market today if the weather holds up for biking. otherwise, i'm going to make a simple dinner of fig and proscuitto paninis on some kind of hearty walnut bread if i can find something like that. the BEST bread ever used to be made by this woman who had a stand 3 years ago at riverdale farmer's market. but then she disappeared. it was a dense, flavourful, honey-walnut bread, that i used to spread with mascarpone, sliced riped figs, and drizzle with buckwheat honey as a snack. deeelish!


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