Sunday, May 27, 2007

the dinner chronicles

wow. last night i ate like a mofo. i cleaned my plate AND ate the two extra spot prawns that the boy and the roomie didn't want AND sucked the brains out of their shrimp heads *shakes head at the squeamishness of white people* IT'S THE BEST PART!!!

yesterday i biked over to bill's lobster on my lunch break from the library, to see if the prawns had come in yet. i was told to return at around 4, so after work, i show up. as i'm peeking my head through the door, bill's wife, judy, the reigning matriarch of bill's lobster (she's an adorable big, round chinese lady with glasses and a booming, piercing voice) espies me and shakes her finger at me, yelling: "ahhhhh ____ (insert real name here, pronounced without the s at the end as some chinese people are won't to do)! we were just talking about you last night! soft shell crabs are in and me and bill knew you'd be in soon!" HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?! okay, in all honesty, nothing makes me feel more embedded in a community or makes me love my neighbourhood more than getting face recognition and being chummy with the merchants. i can fully admit that it's a weird, pastoral, sesame-street-esque fetish of mine. but i FREAKIN LOVE IT!!! the other day, when we were grocery shopping, i was doing my ongoing externalized monologue thing, and rhapsodizing about how awesome the fava beans looked and how i have to start incorporating them onto the menu, when a lady stopped me and asked for advice on how to cook them. i gave her my reply (sauteed and piled on toast with soft-scrambled eggs and truffle oil) and coached her through it, and when i was done, the roomie shook her head and said, "just another day on the danforth with karl lagerfeld" this kind of stuff makes my life.

the sour cream topping on the potatoes (full fat sour cream, mixed with crisped bacon bits and finely minced scallions, seasoned with salt and pepper) was FANTASTIC. holy was beyond good.

here are some shots of me vamping it up with my beloved weber genesis grill (no boys allowed!!!). usually i'm extraordinarily unphotogenic, but who knew that all it took for me to look semi-okay in pictures was the heady flush brought on by the anticipation of gluttony and proximity to sizzling pieces of meat? look at how big my hair is! i have the biggest hair of any asian woman alive. i used to obsess about wanting that sleek curtain of straight strands a lot of my comrades' sport, but lately, i've been embracing the texture and fullness of my mane. i'm digging the volume!

we watched pan's labyrinth last night. it was much darker than i had thought it was going to be, and while i knew that it interspersed the fantastical elements with scenes of spanish fascism, for some reason, in my conceptualization of the movie, i had seriously watered down what "spanish fascism" entailed. dudes, fascists SUCK. like, actual fascists are so much worse than the people we call fascists nowadays. the movie is visually arresting though, if a little slower-paced than i had anticipated. i like the idea of fantasy for adults.

today for breakkie i'm making a BELTA (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato and avocado) sammy on kaiser with our juice for kings. i'm going to a yoga class, and cleaning up a bit, then going to dodgeball and having post-game eats at duff's wings on college.



dr.rei said...

ay-ay-ay! that food looks incredible!

sg said...

what does your shirt say?

Chris said...

it says "dont fuck with my prawns!"


karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

coach: it says "no more slow jams"

it's my summer motto.