Friday, May 04, 2007

bye bye, fake-ation

so my last week of irresponsibility is winding down before i start work as a government mule on monday. yesterday was really productive! cleaning the house has been surprisingly easy all things considered...i forget that when you're pretty diligent about it the rest of the time, when you do the big overhaul, it's really not that big of a deal.

we re-watched "children of men" recently...and boy does it hold up to repeat viewings! the best thing about the dvd is that there's commentary by this cultural theorist i'm really into, slavov zizek. he does an analysis of the film that's really prescient, discussing how the film is all about what's happening in the background, as opposed to the action in the foreground. in the film, theo's uncle is part of this art project called "noah's art", where he travels around the world collecting pieces of art before they get destroyed by the chaos in all the cities. so he has picasso's guernica, and michaelangelo's david set up in his apartment (which is in the tate modern museum in london). zizek's point which i hadn't considered, is that the act of collecting this art is the ultimate concession to futility, in that, what does this art mean divorced from the context? with the world gone to s**t, why bother trying to salvage these pieces? they become empty signifiers of a dead world. i really liked that, but i would take it one step further and link this process of turning "art" into "artifacts" with colonialism, and britain's unique form of imperialism. fascinating! definitely check out the commentary if you rent the dvd. it also helps that zizek speaks with a little speech impediment that's very endearing.

we're going to the drake underground for the return of never forgive action, that old skool hip hop night j'adore.

tonight for dinner i'm warming up leftover tuscan bean and spelt soup. then we're hopping over the mediterranean and hitting morocco for sandwiches. the sandwiches consist of sauteed peppers, onions and potatoes, spiced with cumin and a generous squirt of harissa which is stuffed, along with some quartered hard-boiled eggs, into hollowed-out kaisers. i also made a rum-infused banana-cream pie for dessert.


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