Thursday, May 10, 2007

busy busy busy

working full time is crazytown...especially the 8:30-4:30pm drill. when i used to work in the restaurant biz, i was working close to 60 hours a week, but it never felt that crazy or stressful because i was working from 2-12ish. that still leaves a person a giant chunk of time in the morning to sleep in (a little bit) and get errands and the effluvia of life done. during the school year, with juggling all my commitments and activities, i was probably "working" more than 40 hours a week then too, but because it was in smaller chunks, it never felt as draining. last night, when i was done work, i had to get the week's grocery shopping done with the boy, which meant rush-hour traffic, and then battling the seething mass of office workers who had similar inclinations last night. by the time i got home, unpacked, prepped for tomorrow and got my dinner done, it was already 7pm!

i'm still really enjoying my job though. it's broken up into manageable chunks and i'm learning a lot about government documents, and how our parliamentary process works (i was -am- totally ignant). yesterday i got the chance to sit in on the session. it's like high school! they're bickering and talking over each other and acting like kids. the big scandal du jour is the slush fund thing. people aren't getting over that one all that quick. my co-workers are really fun, and my supervisor is nice and spunky and mouthy - that's my kind of woman!

tonight for dinner i'm making a composed salad, nicoise-style. beans, tomatoes, boiled new potatoes, olives, roasted red pepper and a poached egg, drizzled in lemon vinaigrette and bagna cauda.


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