Monday, May 28, 2007


yesterday we played a dodgeball teamed named "the ballbarians". we lost 18-10, but it was probably the funnest, most light-hearted game we've played all season! this team was like our doppelganger, they were just goony, funny, not overly serious or competitive players. it was awesome! plus they had a cute team captain who had a nice smile. what a bonus! we were doing really well and then we kinda meandered from our game plan about halfway through the game.

we also had a mini-rumble with the team we played two weeks ago, who were cheaters, sore losers, wouldn't extend us the same courtesy we extended them (calling their own outs) and then had the gall to award us less than 5 (the default amount) spirit points. making us the ONLY team in the league that doesn't have a perfect spirit point score. so we're contesting it. i spoke to the team captain after the game and he said his co-captain did it, and she had no understanding of how spirit points work. she was the worst though, we all had a big hate-on for her during the game, and now that we know she's the sour grapes, when we meet them in the finals it is SO ON.

post-game wings at duff's were amazing and a good deal as always!

today is a long day with both jobs, so i'm packing that cheddar, focaccia and onion sammy to toast up at library #2.


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