Tuesday, May 29, 2007


apparently one of the hidden perks of working in a prominent governmental building is that occasionally, every once in a while, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER comes to work!!! (as an aside, the on board spell-checker that firefox uses routinely busts and redlines my ass for words like, well, "redline" but SCHWARZENEGGER - and i'm not even sure if i've spelled that right - is all good?!?) people were all atwitter with the news yesterday. to be perfectly honest, me: not so much. first of all, this big showy "signing a clean air commitment" thing with the premier falls short, especially since i know that arnold is prime suspect number 1 in the on-going "who killed the electric car?" investigation. it's no secret that the governor is a fascist (not the real kind, the colloquial kind).

it's week 4 of my job and i still all kinds of really like it. contrast that with my other gig, where i'm starting to loathe it. however, i DID get my way about the scheduling debacle. i dunno if it's a civil servant thing, but i've noticed employees at the public library are kind of passive aggressive. like, no one ever brings up stuff that's bothering them in a really direct way, so when i come barreling in, guns blazing, i tend to get my way, cuz i'm all about clearing the air and HIGHLIGHTING what's bothering me.

you know what does bother me? the musical "grease". i hate it. and yes *nods to roomie* hate IS a strong word, but i really DO hate "grease". it's white supremacist (don't ask me to explain, because what i really mean is that i find it boring) and trite.

the roomie has gone to visit her folks in hippieville, CA. i'd love to go up there to visit with her fam some day soon...her mom is one of my top 5 favorite moms. she's so sweet! one of those people who if she's met you once and you subsequently answer the phone, always gets into a little five minute conversation with you and asks you pointed questions about your life (that shows that she actually cares). i adore her. the boy and i are going on a date to riverdale farmer's market after i'm done work and then to bill's lobster for soft shelled crabs.

tonight for dinner we're having pan fried soft-shelled crabs with a lime aioli, celery root, apple, and carrot slaw, and bean salad in a creamy herb dressing.


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