Friday, May 11, 2007


after the business and hectic buzz of wednesday, last night was so relaxing and refreshing. yesterday morning i was a teensy bit late for work again which is no good. i was on time day one, day two was on time, wednesday was a bit late again (approx 10 minutes). when i asked if i should make up the time, my supervisor told me that no, it's okay, although lateness is her pet peeve, but that she would ease up on me the first week as i got the hang of getting there. rush hour craziness on the subway is INSANE! it's ridiculous and untenable and i don't know how this city functions. i guess technically, it IS tenable, since people do it, but it shouldn't be. yesterday morning i was going to bike to work and left myself plenty of time, but my bike seized up (a screw comes loose on my back rack and then the basket grinds against the wheel) so i had to take a cab to work and i was about 5 minutes late again. being late is MY pet peeve so i wasn't too happy about it.

when i got home though, i made myself a delicious dinner and just unwound. chatted with the roomie, went on a walk with her, did some yoga, and readied myself for today (ironed my clothes, packed my lunch, etc). i watched the episode of veronica mars that i taped on tuesday. i'm going to fess up...all it takes is one jealous, angsty look from logan echolls and i'm in love all over again. i can't help it! i know it's such a familiar theme, but the jealous bad-boy boyfriend who's secretly all mushy inside is a high school carryover fantasy of mine. plus, the episode featured the return of some key characteristics: veronica and wallace interaction, mac and max hooking up, the return of DEPUTY LEO! (looking like he lost a good deal of weight...not so good). while weevil is still nowhere to be seen, that was pretty good. piz and veronica seemed to deepen their burgeoning relationship, which didn't make me too happy...but it happened in a more natural way than last week's episode, where the kiss scene grossed me out (as opposed to the hot hot HOT kiss scene from season 1 with logan and ronnie) and the mystery was pretty good. NOT TO MENTION A GUEST APPEARANCE FROM PAUL RUDD. whom i adore! he's so funny and rumpled and mussed.

okay, so i've started listening to cbc radio one in the morning. the idea was that it would help me get abreast of news and issues in order to prepare me for my summer job and also it was part of a general thrust on my part to be more informed. however, i gotta say, THE MORNING PROGRAMMING ON CBC RADIO ONE SUCKS BALLS. it's SO BORING. and it's ALL ABOUT THE HUMAN INTEREST STORIES! i LOATHE most human interest stories. the way that they do it is so painfully earnest and stilted, forced and unnatural it makes me want to retch. i find this form of delivery particularly unforgivable in light of the fact that the daily show and the colbert report have made a living out of sending up precisely that condescending, patronizing and faux-empathetic tone. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH CANADIAN CULTURE!

for dinner tonight, i'm pulling some marinated lamb cubes from the freezer that was left over from a few weeks back. they're marinated in garlic, lemon, olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper. i'm going to grill them, and also make a roasted eggplant-chickpea dip. i'm going to grill two eggplants until they're pooped, then puree them with garlic, tahini, chickpeas, lemon juice, cumin, salt and pepper and maybe some yoghurt. then i'm going to add finely chopped mint and parsley, and serve the grilled lamb with the dip, and eat it with some lightly grilled pitas. i'm not usually so extravagant if i'm eating alone, but i had the leftover lamb and it seemed like a good idea.

tonight i'm heading to the drake to hear the boy play. he's got this gig as the house band for a bunch of singers who do soul/funk covers. i'm stoked! it's in the d'angelo vein, and as we all know, i LURVE pre-fatty d'angelo.


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