Wednesday, April 11, 2007

two to go!

i finished one more paper last night! brup brup! that leaves me with a little 5-6 pager i'm going to pump out tonight, and then that 20 page behemoth.

i dropped off my resume at soma, the chocolate store in the distillery district. my friend works there, she used to be the pastry chef at canoe, so i've definitely got an in. they're looking for someone who would feel comfortable toggling back and forth between the front of the house (working the counter, serving people) and doing some actual production work (that's me!). they seemed pretty enthusiastic so it sounds like i've got a pretty good shot. which now throws everything else up in the air. i've got two interviews with two different branches of the library next week: the ontario documents division, and the circulation and news services division. i doubt i'll get those, but still, those are both full time and resume builder/professional experience type jobs. but they'll also probably mean working in an office and having to be all circumspect with my potty mouth. whereas, how fun would it be to learn how to make chocolates all summer from someone who's widely regarded as toronto's best chocolatier? it's close enough to easily bike to, the distillery is a nice place to work, and it'd be relaxed and low pressure, which is kind of how i want my summer to be.

bah...i'm sure the decision will be made for me, when i DON'T get the library gigs. see that collar on my shirt? it's blue all the way, baby.

i finished reading this book, "the devil's picnic" last week. it's written by a french canadian author. in it, he travels the world, imbibing and tasting various prohibited edibles and victuals from around the world. he tries moonshine in norway, raw milk cheese in france, absinthe, cuban cigars, mate de coca in bolivia; but wisely stops short of trying pentobarbital sodium in switzerland, which is the powerful barbituate prescribed by a legal euthanasia group to help people die painlessly of their own volition. the author uses all of these substances (some mundane, like caffeine, or chewing gum in singapore) to examine various cultures' responses to the instability wreaked by the human desire to temporarily transcend mundane reality, and to provide an aperture into the mores and values entrenched in legislation and bureaucratic rhetoric. what does government intervention into our ability to choose what to eat, drink, and escape reality say about us?

it was a great read, even if the central thesis was belabored a little too heavily, and was a little obvious for someone of my libertarian tendencies.

yesterday i stopped off at kubo radio on queen to pick up some babycake cupcakes to treat myself and the boy. they're fiendishly expensive, but the red velvet with cream cheese frosting is our favorite. biking by all the yummy places to eat and browse on queen east makes me love my neighbourhood even more. i adore leslieville! i adore riverdale!

tonight for dinner i think we're going to have pork stroganoff, with egg noodles, and the infamous olive garden salad on the side.


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