Tuesday, April 10, 2007

supreme unmotivation

i feel like i'm SO SCREWED for school! bah. i know i'll get it done, but i just don't care...and my last few papers are on topics that i'm rather uninterested in (they're for required courses). it's a lot harder to fulfill word/page requirements when the topics are a drag. i got an extension on my monster 20 page paper, but now i feel like a dorkus malorkus, because even though there's no way i could have finished that and my other two papers that are due this thursday on time, it means that i'm going to be doing school stuff next week, when by all rights i should be dunzo. ah well...everyone gets this way during the last waning weeks of school, i shouldn't be so hard on myself.

in other news, we've been watching "syriana" in bits and pieces and finally finished it yesterday. it's kind of a snoozer, imo. i don't think i'm into seeing fictionalized accounts of how heinous the oil issue is, especially when the reality of it is already so scary. the interconnectivity of the various story lines were difficult to follow and a little too sensationalized for my liking.

we also finished up "who killed the electric car", which is also a total snoozer. like, i get how awesome the electric car was, and how resident bad guys (oil companies, car companies) killed it, but that's basically a by-line in a newspaper. you don't need a feature length movie about it. we get it! plus, some of the ev (electric vehicle) drivers were way kooky. after GM took all their electric cars back, some of the ev drivers found out where they were being held at a gm plant in burbank, and held a vigil for weeks or something. it doesn't strengthen your case when you look like loonies.

i think the plan for dinner tonight is to have leftover roasted tomato soup, and maybe a proscuitto, la bomba, and provolone panini on crusty bread with a salad.


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