Monday, April 30, 2007

someday you will ache like i ache

dodgeball was insane. we didn't have enough players to have subs, so we all had to play the whole game. it was murderation. the score was pretty close, we lost 11-10 games, and it didn't help that the opponents were a bunch of dirty rotten cheaters (you referee your own games). it's a good combination of cardio and muscle work; this morning, my quads and throwing arm are destroyed. i don't know what shape i would be in if i had not done a 1 1/2 hour hatha yoga class yesterday pre-game. it probably helped me to be less of a competitive jerk too. there was one point when i apparently stormed the court but i don't remember (apparently i have rage blackouts). in my defense, they really were a bunch of cheaty mccheatersons.

dinner apres-dodgeball was hilarious. notable quotes/hilariousness include: "paul wall is like a poor man's bubba sparks, and if you can't afford bubba sparks, you KNOW you've got problems" and "look guys: the point is she gave uncle joey a blow job and that's it, case closed, FINAL ANSWER" (about how alanis morissette is indefensible) and dr. rei's correct form on her pantomimed lay-ups during our renditions of jim jones "we fly high"...BALLIN'. lol!!!!! also...something very auspicious happened last night...just as we had sung dr. rei "happy birthday" and she had blown out the candles...RICK ROSS "HUSTLIN" CAME ON THE TV. it was as if the gods themselves were smiling down on us.

last night something weird happened. the water pipes started making an unholy racket from the pressure...and the only thing that would make them stop was if you ran the water for like, 10 minutes. the noise and vibration were INSANE. consequently, i was worried that the house was going to asplode and had trouble sleeping. so i called the landlord this morning to see what's up. we've been living here for nigh on 3 years, and nothing remotely like that has happened before.

i think we're going to have breakfast at mel's or the only as the last new new guinean breakfast before the montreal friend leaves and fake-ation ends. then it's a day of cleaning, work, and a back-on-the-healthytrain dinner of leftover spelt and bean soup, and grilled avocado, tomato, and cheddar sandwiches on challah.



dr. rei said...

last night so so fun - you guys are the best friends a baller like me could ask for. can't wait to chow down on left-over bday cake!


Chris said...

OMG! that picture rules!!

i wanna join when i get back. just to get a headband!!

mark said...

my body is destroyed. good thing these games are a week apart!

for next week i'm considering some shin pads so i can do some matrix-esq sliding manuevers to grab balls. go team!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said... quads are on FIRE. i can't sit up, sit down, walk down stairs...walk PERIOD.

next game...GOOOOO PIRATES!!! YARRR!