Sunday, April 08, 2007

regrets, i've had a few

i made a huge mistake yesterday, and it's weighing heavily on my soul. some of you, who may know me well, will know that i have a bordering-on-ocd need for preparedness, and that i enjoy planning for emergencies/disasters/contingencies (both real and imagined), and exert an inordinate amount of time to this strange and idiosyncratic pursuit. anyway, i also keep on my computer a master list of "stuff". this is stuff that i want: for the house, for my wardrobe, for my cooking career, to accomplish. therefore, on this list, immediately following an item that reads "american apparel booty shorts" and "gold/silver metallic bodysuit" you will find (without irony) "driver's license" and "cpr certification". i've already been made fun of for this, you can withhold your comments.

anyway, one of the things on this monster list, is an emergency kit. like, i basically want the ultimate emergency/first-aid kit. and i want this kit to be in keeping with the government's "emergency preparedness week" guidelines, posted here. the canadian government says that you should be prepared to be okay for 72 hours, but i'd rather make sure i have everything on hand so that i could handle 28 days later with (reasonable) aplomb. so i want like, the ultimate array of bandages and splints and tape and little scissors to cut the tape (or gangrenous limbs, should the need arise), rubbing alcohol, polysporin, etc, etc. and one of those flashlights that you can shake to generate power, and a similar radio, and a little butane burner and a can opener, etc, etc.

now, anyone familiar with shoppers drugmart, knows that you always inevitably end up spending $50 there, on like, q-tips and shampoo. that s**t ain't cheap. so i've been rolling over my optimum club points, and the plan was, that when i had accumulated enough to go on a $150 shopping spree, i would blow it all on my ULTIMATE EMERGENCY SUPPLY KIT. it's taken me about 8 months of buying to save up $10 worth of redeemable optimum club points (this was a long-term plan). yesterday, i bought some lotion and toilet paper, and i didn't have the cash on me, and as i stood there, facing the cashier, contemplating swiping it on my debit card (i should state here that another resolution i've made recently is to pay for things with cash instead of debit), with an increasingly long and cantankerous line of frantic long weekend shoppers growing uneasy behind me............i redeemed the $10 in points.

i woke up thinking about it, and there's been a troubling sense of unease lingering in the back of my mind, since. it's going to take me FOREVER to build up those points again!

ah, life. last night was fun! the music was pretty good overall. my friend knifehandchop played the most HI-larious song. the lyric features this poncey british voice, expounding: "the beatles, were just a band; the clash, were just a band; the rolling stones, were just a band, the arctic monkeys, were just a band; oasis, just a band" and like, every british band ever, over and over and over. it's sooooo funny, and then it's set to hyper rave-y music. then sek played an electro-y set which was really fun, and then the headliner came on and played dubstep. it was actually pretty good, but the mc RUINED IT. there's something about poor toronto mcs (specific to the jungle scene and its miserable subsidiaries) that means that they put on this horrible mimesis of british mcs, who have already become a caricature of earlier, british mcs. so it's this really forced delivery and stupid catch-phrases (the dude last night kept exhorting the crowd to "throw up the five" - i have no idea what that means), and shout outs to the "out of towners". it was pitiful. and he was eating the mic. and he was so loud that the dubstep became secondary.

today is essay writing madness. and then we're going to the boy's aunt's house to eat some kind of sunday easter/his mom's birthday dinnie. i heard we were having a roast. joy!!! i basically like any festive meat, but there's some i enjoy more than others (ie. turkey, you know you're not top five material). i made the birthday cake. it's a "cuban opera cake". it's got four, thin layers of chocolate cake, sandwiching two layers of milk chocolate buttercream, and 1 layer of coffee mousse, all covered in a chocolate glaze. it came out looking pretty nice, and i'm happy with it. i'll post pictures tomorrow. it's one of my more elaborate pieces.

sunday breakfast is a peameal and over-easy egg sammy, with our usual beet-apple-cucumber-carrot-ginger juice.

p.s. i'm all over the new wide-legged jean thing. last night was skinny jean central...and it's so overdone. people do it without even THINKING about it. i just bought a pair of wide legged, wide cuffed, semi-dressy denim shorts. wide legs are more flattering on my body anyway.


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