Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the pursuit of crappyness

my brother unleashed a zinger the other night. we were watching the previews before "casino royale" and one for the "pursuit of happyness" came on (SEE! EVEN THE BLOGGER SPELL CHECK DOESN'T ALLOW THAT ABUSE OF PROPER ENGLISH AND IS GIVING ME SOME PROPER RED-LINE GRIEF ABOUT IT). the roomie really wants to see it, but i'm considerably less enthused. anyway, at one point, i go: "so, does he live in a bathroom when he gets kicked out of his apartment?"
my brother: "i think his aunt and uncle take him in"
my brother: "they live in bel-air"

LOL! we all almost died laughing. the typing doesn't do my bro's comedic timing justice.

my presentation yesterday went okay...everyone else KILLED it, but i had the misfortune of having the prof basically steal my thunder and touch on everything i was going to broach during my portion, BEFORE i did my bit. boooooooo!

i also did something really bad yesterday, and it's making me feel guilty about my prospects of ever being a successful librarian. i told some kid off. we have a few kids in the neighbourhood, who come in and use the computers EVERY SINGLE DAY. now, the library sets a limit of 1 hour computer use per card per day, but these kids jump from computer to computer, and they break all sorts of other rules. we have computers that are designated "no games" computers, but the kids are always on there, and then you have to tell them to turn off their crappy online games (not even the good ones!) and then they give you guff. we have this one dude, who is in grade 9-10 who is in the library, every single day, from open to close. so he's playing games on one of the computers that you're not supposed to, so i told him to turn it off, and pointed at the sign. and he KISSED HIS TEETH AT ME. now, that's basically the same as slapping me in the face (imo). it drives me f**king NUTS. so i told him that if he doesn't like the rules, he can go someplace else, and use their computers and game all he likes. then he told me to GET OFF HIS BALLS. and insinuated that i was a lesbian (in an unkind way). so i kinda snapped and hissed back, "why don't you go get a LIFE" not the most stellar or cutting of witty rejoinders, i know. but i'm feeling really guilty about it, because we are in an economically disenfranchised neighbourhood, and i dunno...i just feel bad. i'm also questioning my ability to be cool and not smack other, future kids, upside the head when they give me lip. yikes.
worst. librarian. ever.

today the house-family is having lunch with the roomie's friend from out of town, at my doppelganger's restaurant. very exciting!!! it's on u of t campus. dinner tonight is supposed to be roasted squash and mascarpone pasta...but i'm really not feeling like cooking lately. all i want to do is eat take out junk. so we'll see what happens. last night we went on a nightly walk, and i suddenly had the urge to stuff the world into my gut, so we went looking for snacks. we happened on an indian sweet shop, purely by accident, and discovered one of the loveliest sweets EVER. it's like a little pistachio and cardamom flavoured spongecake, soaked in syrup. absolutely delightful. they also had a pistachio flavoured, version of what can only be described as indian fudge, coloured a violent and aggressive and very much artificial kelly green. it was my number 2 favorite. you can only eat a few of those sweets at a time, as they're so rich and sweet and flavourful.



rei said...

indian sweets are amazing. this is one of the reasons i'm excited for ju's wedding. there will be mountains of indian delights and a sea of chai tea made with whole milk, maybe even with cream. ah yes, it will be delightful.

Hannah said...

I once asked a bunch of library ne'er do wells why they weren't hanging out somewhere cooler, like 7 11. Those were the ones that used to bang on the windows and yell "underpants!" in a somewhat threatening tone.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

richardson! i can't keep my cool without your steadying influence!

dr. rei: what is the indian fudge called?