Friday, April 13, 2007

pete doherty is a disgusting gutter rat

seriously. kate moss is effed in the head. i hate the british.

i've got a crapload of preliminary research done for my big paper. i had a breakthrough and decided to craft a different proposal, one that i'm rather excited to do the research for. it's going to be a discourse-cultural studies based analysis on pop culture depictions of librarians, and to what extent these preconceptions affect either library patrons, or librarians working in the field. i think it's going to be slightly tougher than my original proposal, which was to craft a study researching teen use of a library in the toronto system, but actually there's almost too many sources for that one, making the process of weeding out irrelevant info all the more arduous. so now i just have to read all my stuff and write the thing. eep! i keep vacillating between feeling really confident to being crippled by fear. right now i'm more towards the confident side.

last weekend we watched a movie called "running with scissors" it's a semi-autobiographical tale based on the memoirs of this dude, augusten, who grew up in the 70s with a mentally unstable mom, and an alcoholic dad. the mom subsequently allowed him to be adopted by her tax-evading shrink, who took all her money and is the stereotypical mid-century shrink-type (bearded, glasses, incorrect readings of freud and jung, etc), and who has a "wacky" family. it was pretty bad. the story wasn't engaging, and i think i've seen too much of the following:
a) gwyneth paltrow playing the dour, downturned-mouth, fragile, depressed woman
b) annette bening playing the shrill, maniacal, caricature woman
c) kooky crazy families that are either played up to be endearing or scary - i'm sick of both
d) coming of age stories of teenages growing up and having said kooky crazy families around them.

today after work and lunch with a friend, i'm going up to markham to visit with my family and my sister, bro in law, and my niece and nephew. fun! tonight for dinner my grandma made us reservations at her go-to chinese restaurant. i've practically grown up there. we've been going there (in its various incarnations) since i was about 10.


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