Monday, April 16, 2007

the library.

here i come! it's day one of my two interviews (different branches) with the library. i boned up on canadian provincial parliamentary procedures (first-past-the-post, what!) which made me realize how lame it is that we still consider the queen to be our head of state. eff the queen! being a "commonwealth" country blows the big one. eff the monarchy! i also boned up on their cataloguing procedures and their online search parameters...government documents are actually quite complex and a system unto themselves. also, by "boned up" i mean "printed out and read over once while watching episodes from buffy: the vampire slayer" to show a concerted effort on my part, i've changed my interview outfit. i'm going with a skirt instead of pants, something tweedy and pretty conservative, although i doubt i'm going to get the job anyway (owing to my inherent, self-identified blue-collarness) . on the slimmest of possibilities that i DO get the job, i'm really hoping that it's a government position without a dress code.

"buffy the vampire slayer" is the best show ever. it never jumped the shark. it maintained awesome excellence from season 1 through to season 7, and has only gotten BETTER. individual episodes "hush", "once more with feeling", "the body", were some of the best things television has ever produced and i pity people who don't (or didn't) watch it.

another funny anecdote from le weekend. me and my sister were driving in the car with the kids. and my niece asks, "where's daddy?" and we told her that daddy was in the other car, with uncle fun, uncle cam, and uncle dodo. then she goes, "oh yeah, i love those guys". cute! she also does her own version of the exaggerated exclamation, "WHHHAAAT?!?!?" that my family does to indicate shock or spoilers.

today is the day i re-start my engine. oatmeal for breakkie, i'm going to do an extended round of yoga, and i'm going to work on school and try to get this paper done like a mofo. at the very least, my plan is to have the intro and lit review done by tomorrow evening, so i can dedicate myself to the actual methodology portion, which will be the longest part. come hell or high water (or all nighter) i WILL have this beast done by friday morning.

tonight for dinner we're having manhattan (aka tomato based) clam chowder with croutons and salad.



schmee said...

i'm with you on the buffy bit, but, i can't really defend season 1. it's a chore to get through. i think the show didn't hit full stride until "surprises" from season 2.

season 4 is also a bit of a rouge patch. i blame riley.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

season 1 isn't as good as subsequent seasons, because the show just keeps getting better and better. but season 1 sets the tone of underdog irreverence and keeps it light and high school-y. i think it's appropriate. i wasn't happy with riley either...but i can still say that it didn't jump the get frustrated with certain story arcs and decisions because you're so invested in the characters and the world, as opposed to ronnie, where you're getting frustrated cuz the writers are dicking us around.

schmee said...

wtf is a "rouge patch" anyway. i'm retarded