Sunday, April 22, 2007

lazy sundays...

well last night, in typical new new guinean fashion, was a wash (but still so much fun!). we had dinner outside, my brother's plan's changed so he didn't end up staying over, the montrealer was late because of transportation issues, and we were all too uninspired to go out dancing. we went on a long stroll together and rented some movies. we put on clerks II, but we all passed out (it's all that fresh air!!), except the montrealer, who said it was pants.

the yoga class yesterday was kind of bunk...the teacher was all about emphasizing strength and was doing these crazy difficult hardcore poses, without reading the room (everyone was moaning and crying out in protest). her pace was also too fast for a hatha class. AND she was using all this distracting biological jargon: "feel you tricep pushing back into the left deltoid muscle that connects with your sacrum-femur as the length extends into your abdominal core"...i couldn't figure out WHAT the crap she was jabbering on about. it was still a good workout, but i didn't get that sense of languid looseness i usually get from a class. and for a person who's so go-go-go the way i am, it's really nice for me to have the opportunity to feel unwound.

today for sunday breakkie we're having eggs benedict with sweet potato and regular potato latkes, avocado, poached eggs, and dilled hollandaise. and a carrot-apple-beet-cucumber-ginger juice. then me and the boy are going to see "helvetica" as part of hot docs. then we're meeting some peeps for veal sammies from california's sammiches (best veal sammies ever!) in picnic form at trinity bellwoods park. then we're going to see a yoga documentary called "yoga inc" and going from there to a documentary on michael moore called "manufacturing dissent"

whew! busy-fun-social-day-in-the-sun!


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