Sunday, April 15, 2007

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you...

the captain and co-captain, of the NEPTUNE PIRATES!!!
*crowd roars*
*cue europe's "the final countdown"*
so me, the boy, my bro, dr. rei, and a bunch of our assorted cronies have joined an intramural dodgeball league. one word: HI-larious.
we got matching t-shirts and sweat you can see, i'm wearing mine bjorn borg style. obvs. my brother made me make him co-captain, but as i've said, i'm open to a coup.
we've got all kinds of crazy plans to be the most obnoxious team in the league. one is to carry a boombox with a mic, and have someone flick the gym lights on and off, as we run onto the floor one at a time and bump chests, to a varying assortment of tunes ("the final countdown", "whoop there it is") and someone announcing our heights and names as we rush onto the court. then we're going to link arms into a circle and do stupid passing drills and shiz. so funny! dodgeball is going to be one of the things that makes this summer complete mayhem.

this weekend was predictably ROFL-city. me, my brother c, my outlaw bro, and co-captain bro were sitting in the car, discussing the dodgeball uniform. this is the exchange:
outlaw bro: "so what colour shorts did you get?"
me: "black, but it's no big deal"
outlaw bro: "and what colour sweatbands?"
me: "black. so the deal is, we're going to be wearing b-ball shorts, matching t-shirts, and matching headbands"
outlaw bro (facetiously): "what kind of shoes?"
co-captain bro: "nike shox"
me: "is that how it's pronounced? nike SHOCKS? i thought it was like, nike SHOOOOZ"
*car erupts into laughter*
co-captain: "i am SO GLAD you've never had to pronounce that out loud. can you imagine going into athlete's world and asking for a pair of nike SHOOOOZ?"
me (blustering, laughing, embarrassed): "you know, sometimes x's make z sounds, like in...xanadu"
*car erupts into further laughter*

that was just one of the many choice moments this weekend. and now i'm back home, trying to pretend that the weekend hasn't ended and that i don't have a paper to write. it's semi-working. one of my favorite shows on tv is mtv's "run's house". i caught it for the first time last summer on my sister's blessed satellite tv in the states. it's THE BEST! it follow reverend run of run-dmc and his family of cute kids. it's one of the most well-adjusted families (famous or non famous) that i've ever seen and the kids (especially diggy) are uniformly cute and really well brought up. it's not one of those reality shows that you watch cuz it's a total gong show (ie. house of carters, the surreal life, etc), it's one that makes me feel good that there are good, upstanding, cool parents out there raising privileged kids. we saw the season 2 opener this weekend, which was really sad because run's baby girl dies at birth. me and my sis were bawling.

in other news, my niece and nephew were as cute as ever. hearing a little kid tell you, "i lub you" is the best! especially when she's a little holy terror like my niece is. and my nephew is the biggest sucky baby the world has ever known.

we ate like pigs (it was an all meat, all carb, all refined sugar weekend), so i don't know if i want to eat any dinner tonight. we hit up pak fook, asian legend, and this hong kong style western food place (yes, that's an actually sub-category of chinese's an acquired taste), and i'm so full of pork fat that i need to eat healthy like a mofo. that's the plan tomorrow is to get back on the train and get in shape. especially if i don't want to be a total embarrassment on the dodgeball court.



dr.rei said...

lol, i really needed a laugh and this post provided me with three separate lolz. thanks for the laughs and thanks for being mercedes g lee.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

keep your chin up kid!

if it makes you feel any better, i have to pull a 5000 word paper out of my butt-al area.

dr. rei said...

it kinda does make me feel better! in a "IN SOLIDARITY" kind of way :)

dude, your niece sounds so cute..."oh yeah, i love those guys" is the best line!