Wednesday, April 18, 2007

interview numero dos

this morning. then finish my readings for my lit review and crank out the intro and the lit review tonight. *fingers crossed*

i'm so serious about having this paper done by friday. because this sunday we have a billion documentaries to see, and i've been DYING to clean the house since february. i'm obsessed with it. i want to do a room-by-room, intense, spring cleaning, house enema. every corner, nook and cranny, nether region of this place is going to be swept, wiped, disinfected, reorganized, etc. i'm going to garage sale a bunch of stuff (or just give it to goodwill) and i'm SO excited for it! i've honestly been thinking about doing this for a long time...and it got so bad, that i was ocd-ing and finding it difficult to concentrate, because i wanted to clean, but i had too many other school-related responsibilities to do it. it got to the point where the roomie had me write down on a piece of paper that i was going to clean the house as soon as school was done, and we put it in a box with her fake vagina. i was kind of skeptical about the value of physically manifesting and "burying" something like that, but it actually did the trick.

for the general elucidation of the reading public (which i've come to realize is larger than i had thought), a fake vagina doesn't really look like a vagina. it's designed so that midwives and obstetricians can practice suturing post-childbirth. it's two thin pieces of tubing that make a v-shape held in place by a plastic base, about 10 cm. long. the tubing is springy and it's supposed to replicate the level of resistance and slipperiness of human skin. okay, this convo is totally grossing me out so i gots to stop now.

we watched "blood diamond" on the weekend. it was aight, didn't really do it for me. i thought the elements that made it all cinematic were unnecessary, given the general precariousness and horrific stuff that's happening in sierra leone. therefore, the romance between leo and jennifer connelly was completely out of place, and also, the "action" elements and capriciousness of the events ("oh look! saved by the random and timely arrival of the military!" "oh look! saved by the random and timely explosion of a bomb!") that drove the plot forward seemed forced and contrived. i think it would have been a much more effecting story SANS leo's character. i also didn't get why he was nominated for an oscar for this role, when his performance in "the departed" was much better and had a wider range; less reliant on heart-string-tugging crybaby stories.

i don't know that i need to see a fictionalized account of the civil war in sierra leone. lately i haven't been into much fiction in general...i've been all about watching documentaries, and reading general, non-academic non-fiction about stuff (right now i'm reading about the history of chocolate...which also shows how the belgians under king leopold were racist, sadistic, torturing f**ks - cutting off people's hands if they resisted enslavement, and then showing the baskets full of severed hands to other reluctant villagers). if i am reading or watching fiction, i'm not into the overtly political, hit-you-over-the-head "story". i'm into reading quiet comics with little slices of life, or "half nelson" - the movie i STILL can't get out of my head. there's this one scene where ryan gosling's face moves between beseeching vulnerability, sheepishness, empathy, sympathy, self-disgust...all in the space of less than a minute. for that moment alone, it's the best performance i've seen all year. and all the talk about dialectics was intellectually stimulating and thematically relevant as it mimicked the arc of the narrative.

the roomie is coming home tonight!!! which means the danger of distraction...eek! for dinner we're having leftover manhattan clam chowder with a salad and toasted fred's potato bread and butter (aka margarine).


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