Sunday, April 29, 2007

holy crap!

i haven't slept this much in years and years and years. my m.o. is getting up at around 7, no matter what i've done the night before...usually because i got into the habit when i was working the lunch shift at restaurants; even when i switched to night shifts, i was working so much that i pretty much HAD to get up early in order to squeeze in all my life-stuff before heading to work. these past few days, i've been sleeping in 'til 9, 10, even 11!!! i feel completely refreshed.

last night, in true new new guinean fashion, we bailed on the dancing plans, and instead hung out and chatted it up. we went on a 1 1/2 hour long walk around the neighborhood, during which time, the boy taught us how to do a 3-part harmony for the chorus of the song "lean on me". we got pretty decent at holding our own voices by the end. i also made us a "build-your-own-crepe" bar dessert, with ice cream, maple syrup, sugar and lemon, nutella, and jam. i think eating right before bed is a) making me mad poochy and b) giving me insaneo dreams.

today the plan is to eat breakkie (french toast, bacon, and our carrot-beet-apple juice), go to a yoga class at the yoga sanctuary, go play dodgeball, and then have my bro, and dr. rei over for a belated dr. rei birthday dinner. we're having grilled lamb that's been marinated in lemon juice, garlic, rosemary, and olive oil, with grilled pitas, and a greek salad. for dessert, i made a poppyseed birthday cake with coffee buttercream. tomorrow the montreal friend leaves and then it's back to eating healthy, getting crazy exercise, and otherwise getting my life back in order.


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