Sunday, April 01, 2007

hip-deep in the ol' b.s.

i'm almost done my paper (i'm in the midst of writing page 8 of 10 as we speak). huzzah! i made so much headway yesterday morning that i allowed myself saturday night off. we watched a god-awful movie, which was about a million times worse than i had thought it was going to be (a holiday-themed, romance-based, middling trifle). it was beyond terrible. it's by the same director as "what women want" and "something's got to give", and i guess what the director thinks "women" want is depictions of themselves as fluttery, emotional, wacky, zany, shallow wrecks. it was sexist, racist, poorly acted, and the dialog made me want to gouge my eyes out. it featured women being taken advantage of by ugly cads, and then kind of structured it so that it was the women's fault the men cheated. laaaaaaaaaaaame.

it was also TWO HOURS LONG! who DOES THAT?!? tonight we have casino royale. so i have to finish my paper, abstract a 6 minute presentation out of it, and then d/l and print the articles i'm using for my online information paper on user assessment and i get to kick back to some debonair men, fast cars, death-defying stunts, and limpid-eyed women.

i also got into an argument (and almost made 50 bucks) on our friend who came over, who didn't believe me about the lamb's blood on the door for passover. i was like, dude! that's why it's called PASS OVER! so jesus doesn't take your first-born son! sheesh.

sunday morning family breakfast is soft-to-hard (depending on personal taste) boiled eggs on toast. with a beet-carrot-ginger-apple-cucumber juice. we're having my new bffffff over for dinner. she's vegetarian, so we're having: tofu and long bean stir fry in chili-black bean sauce on rice. and i usually make these pork-stuffed, deep-fried eggplant pockets, but i'm going to try replacing the pork with tofu mixed with garlic, ginger, shaoxing wine, sesame oil, soy, salt and sugar, stuffing that in the eggplant and see how it goes. we end up eating them dunked in sweet chili sauce, so whatever we do it ends up tasting ace, anyway.


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