Friday, April 06, 2007

good friday!

and what a lovely friday lies ahead of me. even though i have to finish one paper, and hopefully start and finish another one, i'm excited to have the day off with the boy. we're going for a jaunt up to the mennonites, and then later, like the good food-tourist religious pilferers we are, we're obeying the "fish on friday" edict by going to reliable fish'n'chips on queen. they recently got the restaurant makeover once-over, and my favorite designer of the bunch, cherie, did the interior, and it looks fabulous. people have been giving the place good reviews for years, and it's walking distance! i do love me a good fish'n'chippie. i also have to bake a cake for the boy's mum's birthday today. it's going to be quite elaborate (if it turns out!)

last night was soooo much fun. the roomie's crew of friends (they all go back to grade school, and the "newest" friend other than me, they met in grade 9) are awesome, funny, smart people. my doppelganger made us a ricotta gnocchi, with a mixed mushroom-porcini-asiago sauce. we also had a big salad that someone else had brought with a poppyseed dressing. and for an appetizer, we had a platter of bread, crackers, gruyere, gorgonzola, st. andre, figs, and home-made proscuitto from the italian grocery up the street from me. the italian grocer up the street from me, masellis, makes me feel happy-sad at the same time. happy because i have access to amazing pastas, and the best cured meats, and a wonderful butcher. sad because people in my neighbourhood are idiots, and would rather eat the crap that they can buy from IGA. so it's usually me, and some old skool italian/mediterranean peeps, and i'm afraid their customers are going to dry up and then they'll have to leave. to say that i resist the gentrification of the danforth would be putting it lightly.
anyway, last night was so much fun! i loved it. i love it when you get integrated into a friend's crew and it happens seamlessly.

we're planning a big group vacation. at first, we were thinking of taking an RV and driving either out east, or out west. but RVs are FLIPPIN expensive! like you wouldn't believe! it was going to work out to about $1500 per person once you included gas and whatnot. so then we decided to either do an all inclusive resort, but to me, the idea of going somewhere hot during the best months of ontario seems a little silly, especially when it's hurricane season down south. so i think we're going to cheap out and rent a cottage together. you can get a SIIICK cottage that would work out to about $200/person, and then you just have to buy your food and rent a car to get your ass up there. and really, there's few things i love more in the world than napping on the floor of a screened in porch, listening to the sounds of cottage country and feeing that deep, clean air lulling me to sleep. it's like heaven for me.

full review of the fish'n'chips (with pics!) to come tomorrow!


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