Friday, April 27, 2007

docu-review #4 + #5

egads! i missed a post yesterday! for no other reason than the fact that i slept in like any good former student enjoying a fake-ation before starting to work should. yesterday was EXHAUSTING. the order of the day was that the three girls would go on a shopping spree (i'm on the hunt for business casual clothing for work) and the boy would stay home and attend to manly things. it was sooo tiring, mostly because the roomie is the SLOWEST shopper EVER. i tend to be quick...eye of the tiger...i scan, select, try, discard, select, move on. she tries and retries and ponders and reflects and edits down to a short list and retries and considers and then maybe buys. it was crazy! we spent THREE HOURS in the first winners alone! i'm heartbroken though. i found the perfect pair of cropped pants. dkny, khaki, brushed cotton, amazing detailing on the front pockets, nice seaming, slightly sailor cut...but only in a size 3. i'm 1 size bigger. i could get them on, i just couldn't do up the button. but boy did i ever try! i was sucking it in, careening around the changing room, banging into stuff, doing the one-legged hop, everything in my vast repertoire, to no avail. i'm considering even breaking the cardinal rule of shopping and buying them anyway, in the hope that i can find someone to tailor them to fit me.
le sigh.

then we went for dinner. we went to this hungarian restaurant called "country style" on bloor, between bathurst and spadina. real deal, old fashioned hungarian food, where the wiener schnitzel is about the size of an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper and completely covers the "dumplings" (aka spaetzle) which is one of the side options. it was quite affordable and very delicious and i would definitely go back.

last night we watched a documentary called "milk in the land: ballad of an american drink." to be honest, i can't really review it. we were seated right behind the film-makers, and as the lights dimmed, i whispered to the boy, "i hope i don't fart" (meaning: on the film-makers) and then promptly passed the f**k out. haha! that's what a night out with karl lagerfeld has come to, i guess. i caught maybe 5 minutes. the aesthetic was was like the opening credits of the movie se7en, only about milk. and there wasn't enough information...they kind of glossed over major points without any in-depth analysis (from what i saw, but that was later verified by the crew).

wednesday night we saw a documentary called "strawberry fields", which was incredible. it follows palestinian strawberry farmers in gaza strip, following the year when the only commercial bridge out of gaza was closed by the israelis, and the strawberry farmers were forced to dump and destroy all the fruits of their labour. the year the documentary was filmed is also the year when israeli "disengaged" from gaza. tensions run high, mirroring the constant speculation about whether the bridge will be open or not in time for the harvest. there is near-constant bombing and missile-fire. what was so inspiring about this documentary was that although the farmers were palestinians, the distributors were israeli, and both sides were working together, and equally invested in making sure that the strawberries could make it out of gaza and be traded on the market. the contrast between the political and the everyday was poignant and touching, and a great counterbalance to the depiction of the middle east and arabs that is the norm in the western media.

tonight for dinner we're having capellini pasta with artichokes, lemon, parsley, pancetta and garlic breadcrumbs with a baby spinach, avocado, red onion, and pumpkin seed salad. i'm also going to see amon tobin at the opera house.



dr.rei said...

"i hope i don't fart"

lol, that is a memorable final thought!

hope to see you tonight buddy. if not i'll see you sunday for dodgeball action.

Hannah said...

What's that? You need a tailor?