Wednesday, April 25, 2007

docu-review #3

yesterday me and the boy saw a documentary by acclaimed documentarian les blank called "all in this tea". it follows a passionate tea-enthusiast and north american importer to all parts of china, as he butts his head up against chinese bureaucracy and cultural differences in conducting business, in search of the finest of the world's teas. the importer, an american by the name of david lee hoffman, is really into sustainable, organic agriculture. it was an engaging and personal film. the thing that made it for me was the surprise guest appearance of werner herzog. werner herzog has become a bit of a in-joke around team danforth lately, mostly because the boy recently unveiled a SPOT-ON werner herzog impression that had us in tears. overall, i would give this documentary a 4/5, with marks deducted because it was shot on really crappy digital and the final product came out kind of grainy and unfinished looking. extra marks because all the shots of the chinese food made me proud to be a descendant of such a culinarily awesome culture.

last night was a total epic journey. by the time we got home, i felt like we had been subjected to trials to rival those of hercules. first of all, we had assembled a crack team to go with the new new guineans to the cadillac lounge. one by one, they fell by the wayside. when we finally get to the cadillac lounge, the creaking tree aren't playing!!! as it turns out, they updated the website the DAY after i had checked and made the plans. i was stunned and shaken that the internet could have led me so far astray. so we walk a few blocks to mitzi's sister to have a drink. mitzi's sister was for some reason CRANKING the heat, so we sat outside on the patio, which wasn't open yet, and was kind too cold to be enjoyable. i ate a basket of fries. me and the boy got into an EPIC discussion on whether the numbers following the decimal in pi have a deducible, predictable logic, and whether the kids who compete in those competitions to rhyme off the most numbers of pi are simply memorizing or are mentally calculating the sequence following the internal logic of pi. it was epic, and quite heated. then we went home, and on the way home, got into an EPIC conversation about human sexual proclivities, and how women have a tendency to feel victimized by men. it was EPIC and quite draining. by the time we got home, we were STILL all arguing about it.

the thing about the new new guineans is...we certainly never run out of things to say to each other. we're been talking nonstop since friday night. i think that's the true test of my bond with someone, is the ability to talk and talk and talk and talk and dissect and dissect and dissect and dissect. that's certainly the foundation upon which my relationship with the roomie and montreal friend is based. endless hours skipping school in first year university gabbing our faces off (very often on an exciting cocktail of intoxicants) from our rooms, to the caf, to the banks of the ottonobee river and back to our rooms again. the thing that makes lasting, deep friendships harder to come by as you get older, is that you have less time to devote to endless sussing stuff out. it's a shame, really.

tonight for dinner we're going to el sol! and we have another documentary and then the pussycat dolls finale. for dessert, i'm making a sour cherry tart with brown-butter vanilla streusel, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



schmee said...

as far as i and many supercomputers understand there is no predictable pattern to pi which is why it's such a source of fascination for mathtards. also, i don't think anyone denies that rambling off pi is a form of memorization... don't they even refer to it as "so and so can remember pi up to x digits"?

i can memorize it to 7 digits. recognize!

sg said...

this is only somewhat related but did you know that much of christian symbolism refering to 'evil' is actually about math and science? for example, the pentagram was a symbol of pythagoras and that 666 comes from the year newton made most of his discoveries. hmm.
ps. warm drink/snack soon? sup yo?

Hannah said...

That Guy is very angry that he missed the tea movie.