Thursday, April 05, 2007

dear globe and mail

i was just kidding. you could've hired me and i really would've been okay with getting paid 18/hour for the summer. really! sincerely, warmest regards, yukmouth.

so i didn't get the job. booooooooooooooo. this resulted in some self-pitying karl lagerfeld-style (which is more akin to shouty rage - most emotions k.l.-style are more akin to shouty rage) about how i'm never going to get a good job, and that all the ass-kissers in the world always win the cushy jobs, and me, with my lined, burned, scarred hands, am doomed to a life of menial servitude and drudgery. and i'm 28 years old!!! how is it possible that with 8 years of post-secondary education, the best job i've ever had is being a PAGE at the public library?!? howfor? whyfor?

after i was done hiding under a comforter wailing while the roomie and the boy observing my huddled, prostrate form, cheered me up with platitudes and jokes at my expense, i came to my senses. i'm going to be a librarian. we're valued in this society. my days of working crappy jobs are numbered, and i'm going to do great things. i don't even NEED all that much money, because i'm loving-life rich already. it just rankles, sometimes. because i see some people who don't work an honest day in their lives have convenient horseshoes shoved up their butts getting golden, while i've worked my ass off to get nowheresville. all that being said, in your darkest hours, it's always nice to have the succor of facebook on your side, to cheerfully remind you that it's way better being me, then being stuck married to THAT guy, or doing THAT job, having THOSE interests, and being THAT unfunny. yikes.

i think i have a good shot at the globe and mail job in the fall, and that one is only part-time. which is a blessing in disguise, cuz i REALLY didn't want to work full time this summer if i could help it. this is supposed to be the summer of CRUNK. also, i really did hit it off well with the lady there, and she offered to mentor me, and she also offered to put in a good word for me and keep an eye out for me, so i think i made my first ever industry contact! i'm balls at networking most of the time. it's not my style to schmooze and "network", but this one came about naturally. so this whole experience was generally positive.

in other news, my new favorite breakfast is *drumroll* the guacamole sandwich. it's boom. i make a chunky guac with red onion, lime juice, salt and pepper (i skip the garlic and stuff, cuz i'm doing this in the morning on limited time). i toast a whole grain bagel, slop the guac on, and then cover the two surfaces with thinly sliced medium-old white cheddar, and melt it in the oven. HEAVEN! plus it really keeps you full for a hella long time.

dinner tonight is a potluck at my doppelganger's house. we're celebrating the roomie's LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. for those of you not living with midwives-in-training (and i do understand we're a select and chosen few) the magnitude of this fact cannot be underscored enough. it's HUGE. her school is worse than med school in terms of the degree of commitment you make to the job, and the degree to which you sacrifice anything resembling a real life. anyway, so it's potluck and there's going to be drunken shenanigans cuz tomorrow is good friday and we ain't go s**t to do (besides mountains of school work). i'm bringing my devil's food cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream. which are the best cupcakes ever. the devil's food cake recipe whips up so easy, but is moist and dense and chocolatey. and the brown sugar buttercream is beyond description. it's light, and moussey, and has that warm, caramel depth of flavour that you get from brown sugar. it's divine. we're also bringing juice, and pancetta wrappped, gorgonzola stuffed figs, to be popped under the broiler and served as an appetizer nibbly.


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