Wednesday, April 04, 2007

dear globe and mail

please just call me and tell me that i didn't get the job already, so i'll have one less thing to be neurotic about. sincerely, yukmouth.

i mean seriously! if you've already got some mentor broad (a mentoree?) why you be stringing me along?! how long does it take?!? quit playing games with my heart!!

in other news, we had lunch at the gallery grill yesterday at hart house on u of t campus yesterday. it was absolutely lovely. i had a house-cured duck proscuitto to start, and then the cassoulet. my doppelganger bought us dessert (we were celebrating the roomie's graduation from 4 1/2 years of the most grueling school imaginable), which was a chocolate scotch ice cream, a lemon souffle tart with rhubarb, and a maple creme brulee with little sugar cookies. the space is completely beautiful.

i got a lot of work accomplished yesterday, but didn't actually write anything. i'm going to try to start and finish a paper today, and then use good friday to start and finish another one. one of my profs is insane. he wants us to touch on 4 different topics, use 6 different sources, tie them all together, in a paper that is FIVE TO SIX PAGES LONG. like, why you gotta be like that, guy?!? seriously!

last night we ended up having mama's pizza for dinner. tonight is going to be leftover matzoh ball soup with olive garden salad. i'm back to eating healthy again. i kind of have to as i'm starting to feel gross. not as gross as this drop-dead-gorgeous contestant on "the search for the next pussycat doll", anastacia, feels when the other girls make her feel fat for eating a piece of dessert when she gets stressed out. nor as gross as when the "creator and visionary" of the pussycat dolls tells her she has to watch her stomach area because the dresses are very unforgiving. this show made me livid last night.


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