Monday, April 02, 2007


"casino royale" was thoroughly entertaining, although after "the holiday", i think we could have seen director's cut footage of the christmas burning log-fake fireplace show and we would've been happy. daniel craig is a good looking guy, but (sorry sis) he doesn't make my current list of hunkdom. i don't find blond-haired dudes attractive. eva green is stunning, but she wore entirely too much makeup for a lot of the film. it was fast paced and rough around the edges, and a big contrast to the almost farcical, dandyish, brosnan portrayals of the past few years. i think it's a welcome improvement.

something funny happened the other night. we (the immediate house family: me, the boy, and the roomie) were sitting around watching the previews before "the holiday", and we were all laughing uproariously at some witty banter between me and the boy. the roomie, suffused with the congenial atmosphere of our camaraderie, exclaims, "i like you guys!" at the exact same instant, in the same breath, i exclaimed, "i like spiderman!". it was very revealing of our respective personalities. the same thing happened during "casino royale" last night. as bond deftly broke some poor guy's neck from behind, with a neat little snap, the roomie exclaimed, "that's horrible!" at the exact some moment that i yearningly exhaled, "i want to learn how to do that." haha!

my brother came over last night and hung out for a bit too. he usually comes over and mooches dinner off of me after his dodgeball games. it was a good new bfffffff is a card, and so is my brother, then the boy's friend stopped by briefly.

today is my long day. in honour or passover, i made matzoh ball soup. i took the chicken carcass from the other night, made a nice, simmered extensively, fragrant chicken stock. i strained this, and added in chopped: onion, garlic, carrot, celery, rutabaga, parsnip, celery root, parsley, thyme and dill. i made my special dilled-matzoh balls. and eaten together, they're going to be the ultimate restorative celebration of spring. i might also pack my new favorite sandwich: old cheddar on ace bakery foccaccia with thinly sliced white onion, toasted in the toaster oven. lots of fruit and stuff to snack on.


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