Saturday, April 28, 2007

7.1 surround sound 4 life!

we saw this dude last night, amon tobin play a 2+ hour dj set at the opera house in 7.1 surround sound. HOLY S**T. so apparently, 7.1 surround sound PWNS everything! it's so clear! and the dynamic range! and the BASS!!!! it was awesome. amon tobin's albums tend to be really cinematic and conceptual, but his dj sets never disappoint. it's everything i want out of jungle but that people don't do anymore...some of them were really slurpy and were hiphop tempo, and then there'd be tracks that were thundering walls of amens crashing down. all cushioned by the most sternum-shaking bass i've ever heard, with clarity. the boy went down by the front where the massive sub was, and at the front, he said it felt like a fan...the sub was just pushing waves of air out. it was really really LOUD in there, which was was okay for me because i have custom earplugs that reduce the decibel level without impacting the quality of the sound, but for people who didn't, it was painfully loud. i danced like a mofo though, and it felt good. the opening act, plaster, were from montreal and did live/live p.a. dance music. it was awesome! a live rendition of daft punk KILLED it. i had so much fun! i haven't been to a fun dancey show in a while.

i missed dr. rei's birthday bonanza though, and for that i felt bad...the show ran later than i thought it would, and logistically it just didn't make sense to take a 45 minute streetcar ride across town for a short time, and then have to turn around and head back.

tonight we're going to supermarket i think to dance to top 40 goodness. my current guilty pleasures are: "too little too late" by jojo (courtesy of the pussycat dolls, where pussycat doll winner, asia, gave a stirring - albeit pitchy - rendition during the second last show), and akon "don't matter", and mims "this is why i'm hot". i'm requesting the last one at the bar tonight. this fake-ation has been's been soooo relaxing and fun.

for dinner we're having a moroccan chicken tagine with ground almonds, oranges, apricots and carrots. with couscous, and a quick minted eggplant side. yum!


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