Tuesday, March 13, 2007


it's official: i failed my midterm, we got the marks back yesterday. well, technically i passed, just barely...i got 43 out of 80. shazaaam! the professor went over all the midterms and bumped up the marks on individual questions, because t.a.'s are the harshest markers evar! it's because they're so close in age and education to the students, and because they have something to prove (in my opinion). it's like getting marked by an older brother or sister. i averaged out my midterm mark with my mark from the first assignment, and i'm going into the last part of the term with a solid B (75%), with still two assignments to go. so i can conceivably do some proper ass-kicking and still emerge with an A.

today is all work, no play. i've got to finish a paper, start and finish another assignment, and do random assorted stuff. i was supposed to go to a job interview, but i know i'm not going to get the position, so it's probably best if i duck out and i can focus on my real work. i've applied to a few part time jobs for the summer...i hope i get at least something!

short post today...i got stuff to do!

tonight for dinner we're having a veggie rice casserole. broccoli and brussel sprouts baked with rice in a cheese-y sauce (smoked gouda and cheddar), topped with breadcrumbs and baked in the oven.


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