Tuesday, March 06, 2007

words i love to hear:

"stop me if you've heard this one before"

i LOVE having the option. this prevents the most heinous following social situations: a) ones where i have to fake-laugh, b) ones where i have to humour people. i suck at both. definitely not my strong suit.

today i have a physical, where i have to sweet-talk my doctor into giving me a prescription for massage therapy, so i can see my RMT. she PWNS. www.softmechanic.com
my doctor has this really brusque, eastern european receptionist, who tends not to use salutations or pleasantries when you talk to her on the phone. last year, my phone booking ended with her barking into the phone: "your appointment is on thursday at 9:00am. make sure you're not bleeding *click*" i think she meant to make sure that i wasn't on my period. in person though, she's sweetness and honey. very strange.

tonight for dinner, i'm going to pick up some fish, probably some mackeral. then i'm going to glaze it with miso-sake glaze and broil it in the oven. served alongside leftover root vegetable mash and steamed green beans with lemon vinaigrette. mackeral is omega-3 city. plus it's pretty tasty...i love fatty fish.


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