Saturday, March 31, 2007

what a deal!

i'd forgotten how insane chinese bbq is, deal-wise. for $4.00 you get two kinds of meat, a veg (broccoli, that surprisingly isn't overcooked despite being subjected to the rigors of a steam table), and rice, all soused in the char siu drippings. fantastic!

i finally started that paper last night. talking it out with the roomie worked. although i got really freaked when she said, "yes, but what's your angle on it? you gotta have an angle", and i TOTALLY didn't. i did some more digging around for sources and i think i got it now. it's still going to be a beast to write, as i'm not all that engaged by the material, but at least i have a point. that's always good!

tonight for dinner we're having a roasted chicken dinner. i've been craving a good sunday roast dinner for a while. it's chicken, rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper, roasted at very high heat, stuffed with 40 cloves of peeled garlic. the garlic will then get pureed into the white wine pan sauce. i've got some cold cooked potatoes that i'm going to cube up, toss in some semolina, and then cook in duck fat until golden brown and crusty on the outside, steamy soft on the inside. i'm also making a cauliflower gratin with horseradish, cheddar and breadcrumbs, tossed in a little cream. and we're also having this with steamed green beans with lemon zest, olive oil, salt and pepper. no dessert!


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