Saturday, March 24, 2007

test the nation

while procrastinating from real work lately, i took the cbc's "test the nation" IQ test. i scored about 115, which is slightly higher than the national average. i did uniformly well on almost all the categories, save the last one which i think was called "perception" and was based on spatial reasoning. i suck hard at those. however, as with all IQ tests, it should be noted that the testing conditions are uncontrolled, require a degree of cultural/spatial/temporal specificity, and one of the questions requires a broadband connection, thereby limiting the pool of potential respondents to those who are relatively affluent and located in or near urban centres. those are just a few of the possible biasing factors.

as a testament to how i may do well on IQ tests but fail miserably at real life, i ate so much jean's last night i thought i was going to puke. it's THAT GOOD. it's so good that even though me and the roomie had repeatedly proclaimed our fullness, with the sweetly comic sounds of the tbs broadcast film "legally blond" in the background, we STILL kept going back for mouthful after mouthful of our pad see yew, singapore noodles, pad thai, green vegetable curry with rice, and red "meatball" vegetable curry with rice. SICK. then to cap it all off in a glut of caloric excess, i ate EVERY SINGLE vanilla cream sandwich cookie in the last remaining box of girl guide cookies, while vocally questioning my sanity each time i stretched out my grasping hand for another.

the roomie is taking over the stove to make presents for her placement co-workers (jams and such) so she has offered to buy us pizza. so we're going to be eating mama's pizza for dinner. no dessert! fruits only!


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