Friday, March 02, 2007

snow day!

when i arrived at school at 1:00pm yesterday, things were a little grey, but kind of warm, and definitely slushy. at around 2pm BLAOW! the windows in the class were suddenly made opaque by the tiny little gritty snowflakes the seething wind had plastered on the glass, the entire campus was suffocating under a thick, wet, woolly blanket of snow, and my night class was canceled! what fun! i haven't had a snow day in forever!!!

i should have used the time to be productive, but ever since i dropped the pen on that midterm on monday, i haven't done a single god-damned thing. the problem is: i can't really let myself slide, as i've got mad s**t to do before i go visit my sis and her family. we're going to the ncaa march madness stuff in buffalo. i keep telling people that i'm going, as it gives me street cred. in reality, everyone else (the boy, my sis, brothers, and bro-in-law) are going and i'm going to be babysitting the kids, as i'm not all that much into bball. the one time me and the boy went to a raptors game, i sat and read vogue and only looked up when i tried to spot this girl we went to high school with (she's like the head choreographer/raptors girl) during the half time show.

i had the house to myself last night...roomie was at a birth, the boy went up to king city or something to celebrate our buddy (the porn king)'s bday. so i started and finished dan savage's book "the kid" about his experience going through an "open adoption" with his boyfriend. an "open adoption" basically means that the adoption records are never sealed, and that there's a pre-agreed upon base level of contact between the birth mother and the adopted parents. the things i liked about "the commitment" i also really liked about this book, i like his writing style, and his political views. he's like a very traditional libertarian, which is kind of what i am. i mean, a lot of my activities are alarmingly domestic - cooking, managing the household, knitting, making preserves for pete's sake. one time my piano teacher, upon arriving at my house to give me a lesson to find that i was fretfully tending to a just-baked cheesecake (they're persnickety!), said the words, "you're so domestic" with what can only be described as a soupcon of disdain. eff that! i OWN that s**t, lady! for a long time, i wasn't into kids at all, but i've come around on it a bit...i want 'em...but i'm not the kind of girl who's HUNGERED for kids all their lives. no way. my motto used to be "have cats, not kids", i've come around because, as my friend h would say, having kids basically means you're building a house filled with only people you like. which is totally up my alley. i mean, i really dislike most people. why not up the odds in my favour? as dan savage writes in his book, "even if all your kids want is for you to drop dead, at least someone is giving a specific sort of s**t about you." which again, is right up my alley. so while i'm fairly dead set against marriage (i find it silly, i hate making a spectacle of myself, and i find it jinxy, etc.), kids are knocking around in the back of my mind somewhere. and i do believe that someone should be home with them, until they hit school age. that someone is NOT me. that someone will probably be the boy. spending all your time with children turns your mind to mush, and there's nothing that can convince me otherwise. people who do spend all their time with children (my sample comes from the women i see at all hours of the day with their $1000 strollers in withrow park) are bats**t insane, plain and simple. and i'm NOT turning out like that. i'm also NOT going to give up caring what i look like, thank you very much.

so i set up a facebook account for snooping purposes. upon discovering that i am pretty much the only person i went to high school with that emerged with a sense of style, i've broken slightly from the covert snooping mode, just long enough to impress on other people i went to high school with that this is the case. it's pretty petty and lame, i know, but i've never claimed to be otherwise. i'm actively campaigning to go back for a high school reunion, if only to further drive the point home (although i suspect that the intricacies involved in constructing the perfect ensemble to do so would probably result in a blown gasket). anyway, i'm going to stay long enough to leave an imprint of my brilliant spectacularness, and then promptly delete my account, leaving only a lingering impression that people can carry with them, always (like the halo that's left after a flashbulb pop, or like kurt cobain or aaliyah). i'm not so much into the "social networking" aspect. the point of facebook is to actually reaffirm how much you love your life, and all it does is give you a basis for comparison. and i really really really do love my life!

today i signed up for an EIGHT HOUR shift at the library, potentially indicating latent bats**t insaneness on my part. i'm packing a dinner of a carmelized onion, mushroom, and thyme tart, with emmental cheese (how alsatian!!!) in my homemade tart crust. i'm also packing the olive garden salad, complete with mini squeeze bottle of my designated olive garden salad dressing. i really really want to go to the alsace region of france, it borders germany and switzerland, and features really hearty, simple, pork/cheese/onion based foods. that's my m.o.!



dr.rei M.D. said...

i can't believe even you have a facebook now...kerry and sam keep talking about facebook gossip and i feel left out! i would sign up for one for snooping/gossiping/loving-my-life reasons, but i'm afraid weirdos that i don't like from highschool or whatever will try to add me. then it'll get awkward when i don't add i overthinking this?

the thing is, with facebook, apparently people actually DO find you. whereas with myspace, usually people don't find you. and even if they do, they never check out your page (if you're me and your page is boring).

ah the complications of internet communities....

your kids are going to be hilarious guy. especially dracula and he-man (the girl). lol.

Miss Emma-Lee said...


That is precisely what I did with my facebook account. Too much fun!

Also don't forget - you can always leave Dracula and He-Man with Auntie Em! teehee

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

dr rei, m.d.: no one can find me on facebook because i don't use my real name. i also don't add friends unless we're ACTUALLY friends in real life, so i end up turning down almost all add-friends requests. this means that by facebook standards i look like a colossal loner/loser. so i just glammed up my page a bit for people to peep access via my presence on my "flesh-friends"'s pages. then i'm out! like a candle in the wind! like marilyn monroe! or to be less macabre, like the first becky on roseanne (even though technically the second becky was better, imo).

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

p.s. why on earth would it get awkward?!? as if you really care that lame-o pooface mcpregnant and marriedson thinks you're a bitch.

i don't. i own that s**t!

"who that f**k you think you're f**kin with? i'm the f**king boss"

^^^ my motto.

dr.rei said...

lol, you're right, the second becky WAS technically better.
no real names! that is the best way to do it son!

Chris said...

my parents on facebook. they got an account to see my brothers pics of New Zeland. he's there travelling around for a few months.

add my parents as your friend!!!