Wednesday, March 14, 2007

mini-vacation hooray!!!

today i work an 8 hour shift at the library which is pooey, but after that, i'm getting picked up by my mum and the boy, and we're driving down to the states to visit my sister and her fam! that in itself would be enough, but my sis and the boys are going to the ncaa games on thursday and saturday, and me and my mum get to babysit the two little kidlets.


then on friday, when there are no games, we're going to hopefully be able to visit my sister at work (i want to see her in action in court) and then go for lunch, go see that movie, 300 and then maybe do some shopping. there's a pair of rocket dog shoes i'm hoping are going to be at DSW - discount shoe warehouse...i swear, shopping in the states is the BEST SHIZ EVER!!! only because the clothes and shoes are made by my poor underpaid, sweatshop compadres in southeast asia, of this i'm well aware. i'm also hoping that we can fit in a stop at tarjay (aka target), also one of my favorite stores in the world. but whatever, just hanging with my family and seeing a movie will be enough.

it's my little brother's birthday, which means my dreams of wegman's crap-cake will be realized beyond my wildest imaginings. wegman's makes a crap-cake that puts all our canadian grocery store counterparts to shame. the key is they have an option for WHIPPED CREAM frosting. oh yes. none of that ceiling plaster, hydrogenated vegetable oil-based, sickly sweet confection that they have up here (although that's also an option). whipped cream frosting is the ultimate companion to spongy, soft, yielding crap-cake. i can already taste it!

and i think we're also going to hit dinosaur bbq for some real, proper bbq. and mac salad. *unbuttons top button of jeans in anticipation* i'll take pictures of dinosaur bbq for those of you who've never had the pleasure (and allow me to say that dipamo's or phil's original bbq in toronto, while okay, if you've never had dinosaur, looks like the pile of untended, dry sawdust it is when you first taste the juicy smokiness of dinosaur ribs). i'm a bit of a rib connoisseur...actually, i think i'm a general connoisseur. i like to endlessly discriminate tastes of all kind: aesthetic, sensual, relationship, etc. i've been accused of being picky, but i think that's a most egregious and inapt assessment. i just think there's a right way and a wrong way, and i attain a particular sense of happiness and well-being when i experience, or can arrange to have things result in the right way. i just put a lot of thought into everything. it's a quality i share with the boy. we're renaissance peeps, he and i.

last night's broccoli and rice casserole turned out amazing. i made a bechamel with sauteed onion, garlic, flour, olive oil and milk. then i added in cheddar and smoked gouda. mixed in the leftover cooked rice, and poured that over the broccoli florets in the baking pan. i mixed some panko crumbs with olive oil and salt and pepper, and sprinkled that on top and baked it in a 450F oven. it was delicious! the smoked gouda really gives it that x factor. you can't really tell it's there, it's not aggressively smoked like other smoked cheeses, where it tastes like you're eating ham, but it adds a subtle depth of flavour that brings everything else up a notch. we ate it with steamed green beans and roasted brussel sprouts. so it was a very healthy meal. i'm packing leftover casserole and a salad for dinner tonight at the library. the family is eating leftovers as well.


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Hannah said...

Lee, I'm just catching up on your blog. It seems that I don't actually have any real contact with people anymore - I just sit in a cubicle and peer into a glowing box. I'm sorry that your past couple of weeks have been so sad... I'll treat you to a Nanaimo bar from D and D.