Thursday, March 22, 2007

a little levity

in true me fashion, i've been completely pissing my days away. i think all the bad news has just made me supremely unmotivated and unambitious, and all i want to do is just hang around the boy all the time. plus, my roomate is almost done her degree. so, in one week, she'll be celebrating the completion of probably the most grueling 4 years of school that i could imagine for anyone. she's delivered 200+ chillun, has sacrificed nights and nights of sleep, has been tethered to a pager and the needs of others for FOUR YEARS, and she's going to be done in a week. it's so hard to stay focused on the last waning weeks of school when someone else in the house is going to be done, and is probably going on the bender to end all benders.

^^^ this is a photochop my friend mark makes me laugh every time i see it. my body type is actually pretty similar to sharon' it doesn't look all that odd, surprisingly. haha! this is another photochop. we grafted my ex bf's face onto the baby of these two. the dude is a buddy of mine and my ex's from high school, and we all ended up at the same university together, along with his girlfriend at the time, now wife. i thought it was really funny! plus the fact that the guy blamed his subsequent distance from my high school crew on ME. yes, that's right, ME. even though i haven't seen him since high school. he basically said that i was such a big slut that it was impossible to condone my actions and that's what caused the rift. which is WACK. because a) i'm not a slut, i'm just easy, there's a difference, thanks. b) i'm still tremendously good friends with my ex (before he left, he literally lives one block away from us), and still tremendously good friends with the high school crew; and c) live in the now, son!

last night we watched "dave chappelle's block party". which was an endearing, lovable and warm concert movie...definitely a winner. dave chappelle makes a great host, and has an everyman affability that makes him very approachable. he also loves music, and the concert footage is great. jill scott KILLS it, and so do the roots and talib kweli. it really captures the vibe of a spontaneous gathering of people, and the magic that happens when you have a good time party-time crowd of people gathered together in a very non-aggressive way to dance outside in the sun to hype tunes. it's such an intangible, ephemeral experience, that doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, it really makes you love the world.

today is long day city, i'm packing leftover mulligatawny and a samosa for dinner, alongside my usual granola bar, apple, banana, etc.



schmee said...

is that the house wine in chris' hand? this must have been taken during dessert.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

you know it is! there's nothing he loves more than a good house red.