Monday, March 05, 2007

iron chef battle: toad-in-the-hole - results!

a sunday morning wikipedia search revealed that what we thought to be "toad-in-the-hole" was actually "eggs-in-a-basket". properly, according to the british (damn you!), toad-in-the-hole is little cocktail sausages plopped into a giant yorkshire pudding baked in a casserole dish. if you ask me, it's a bit of a misnomer. the yorkshire makes more of a basket shape than the toast does, and as you can see, eggs-in-a-basked actually features a something in a hole. very odd. our ruling is as follows: from here on in, flouting the conventions of british colloquialisms, we are going to refer to eggs cooked in the middle of a hole cut out of bread as toad-in-the-hole. one small step for doing away with the monarchy, one giant step for perpetuating trivial inaccuracies.

for food porn purposes, i think you can say my method won. i cooked the bread on one side in the pan, flipped it, cracked an egg into the middle, and then let it cook for a bit, before throwing it into the oven. however, this yielded yolks that were slightly more done than would allow for adequate bread-yolk dipping. the other method, let the bread cook on one side, crack the egg in, carefully flip and let the bread continue cooking, resulted in an over-easy egg, and liquid yolk. that's also a picture of our carrot-apple-ginger-beet-cucumber juice.

we watched a couple more episodes of "lost" season 1. i think we've seen enough evidence to warrant throwing in the towel. again, it's too tv-contrived. and the characters do stupid things that defy any and all logical suspension of disbelief. furthermore, i was told that each episode leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat, panting for more, and in my opinion, this is false. sure, there's some kind cliffhanger at the end of every episode, but i feel no urgency, that demands i want to know more. i don't care about jack's relationship with his dad, i don't care about charlie's heroin addiction, and while i'm on it, what the HECK happened to captain u.s. marshal-shrapnel guy, who woke up, asked about kate (at the end of episode 2) and we haven't seen him since?!? time incongruity galore!

i took the leftover pot roast broth, added a s**tload of sliced mushrooms, and some pot barley, and left the slowcooker on to turn the whole thing into soup/stew. that's for dinner tonight, along with a baby spinach salad with sliced red onions, grape tomatoes, avocadoes, and toasted salted pumpkin seeds in a lemon vinaigrette.



dr.rei (aka the wire's biggest fan) said...

forget about lost! it's stupid (probably, i've never watched it).

THE WIRE!! best show in television history. the actors literally OWN their characters and make you care about each one's dilemmas. the writers actually succeed BRILLIANTLY in creating a thought-provoking police drama (based on the experiences of the writers - one of which was police reporter for the Baltimore Sun, the other, an ex-homicide detective). The difference being that the show doesn't deal with the same tired old themes of good, evil, justice, is more about exploring institutions (city hall, police dept, FBI, school systems etc) and how they function, as well as what it is like to be an individual caught up in the baltimore drug game.

the show deals with difficult sociological issues with such depth! it's a really powerful show, and it's because the writing is phenomenal. each season has long story arcs that describe situations that never really get "resolved" in the way they do on most tv shows. in fact, the major case in the first season doesn't end until the THIRD season...and even then, the end is only the beginning of another mess. SO GOOD!!! I'm going to die because it's so good.

you would especially be interested in the use of surveillance/wiretap technology in the show. you can draw parallels with your role as the viewer (getting a chance to snoop into all sorts of worlds that you normally wouldn't know anything about).

anyway, i could go on forever. do you think i can switch my thesis topic and get a phd in "why the wire is so good" ?

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

lol! i think that's THE most impassioned endorsement of a cultural product i've ever heard from you.

i asked about it at blockbuster when i was trying to figure out what tv show to start renting. i couldn't remember the name, and i new it was "the ___" but for some reason, i thought the second word started with a "b", so i go up to blockbuster dude and go: "do you have a show about drug dealers in baltimore? it's called...ummm...maybe...i think it's called the blacks?"

brutal. do you have it on dvd? i'm going to rent it or d/l it next, promise.

dr. rei said...

lol! it is my favourite cultural product of all time! also LOL "the blacks" omg, so brutal

unfortunately i don't have it on dvd, you can rent it from rogers though. also, places like queen video. the other unfortunate thing is that the 4th season isn't out on dvd yet - we watched in on my parents' TMN. BUT there's always downloading! (i'm pretty sure my fam is going to invest in buying the whole series very soon).

make sure you start with the first season and give it 3 episodes of wheeling you in. also, it's one of those shows where paying attention is of utmost importance!!!