Wednesday, March 28, 2007

in the next three weeks

i have 5 papers due. and i still have 80 PERCENT of the coursework for one of my classes to finish. all i've done is hand in one dinky paper for that course. most yikes.

for some reason, i can't get anything done! i'm already on summer vacation! this sucksss! especially when the weather is all springy and fecund and filling the air with twitterpated-ness.

for this reason, i'm banning all extraneous non-school related interneting (save this blog, of course). no celebrity gossip! rien de facebook! rien de crappy messageboards! all work, until the last thing is handed in.

tonight for dinner we're having spaghetti, in a sauce made of proscuitto, chorizo, onions, garlic, diced and seeded tomatoes, chili flakes, white wine, clams, and some of the pasta cooking water. with caesar salad.


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